HiFives Industry Best Practices of Employee Rewards and Recognition covering different aspects of rewards and recognition policy, program design, program implementation, R&R technology, etc.

A Guide to Festival Gifting for Employees

A Guide to Festival Gifting for Employees

This guide to festival gifting for employees can help organizations manage the process smoothly with minimum administrative overheads and operational hiccups.

Enable Social Recognition for Innovators 

10 Best Creative and Low-Cost Ways to Reward Employees

Adopting creative and low-cost ways to reward employees helps in creating a highly motivated workforce committed towards ensuring organizational growth and success with minimal budgets.

Selecting an Employee Rewards System is like Buying a Car

Selecting An Employee Rewards System Is Much Like Buying A Car

Selecting an employee rewards system is a high-involvement decision just like buying a car.
Hence, organizations need to proceed step-by-step with the decision-making by considering all possible factors to ensure that they select a system that best fits their requirements and budgets.

Seek Funding For The Program

Do Successful Employee Rewards Programs Need Hefty Budgets?

It is extremely important that organizations shift their focus from pouring money into their employee rewards programs to ensuring their proper design and implementation.  

Frequency of Employee Recognition Matters for Organizations

Frequency of Employee Recognition Matters for Organizations

An increasing number of organizations have started realizing that the frequency of employee recognition matters for the overall success of their rewards and recognition programs and helps them maximize the business benefits from them.

Importance of Celebrating Personal Milestones of Employees

Importance of Celebrating Personal Milestones of Employees

Celebrating personal milestones of their employees as part of their employee rewards and recognition programs can help organizations to motivate their employees and drive their performance, commitment and loyalty.

Advent of Customer-driven Employee Rewards System

Advent of Customer-driven Employee Rewards Systems

Great customer experience is critical to the success of any organization. Hence, it is important to reward and recognize employees who interact with customers directly on a regular basis. Hence, getting customers involved in the employee rewards and recognition by seeking their feedback and inputs is a great way to drive the effectiveness of such programs, targeted at customer-facing employees.

Social Recognition is Essential for Employee Recognition

Social Recognition is Essential for Employee Recognition Systems

Social recognition is all about publicizing the efforts and achievements of employees in a manner that inspires other members of the workforce to perform better and get similar recognition.

Guide for Long Service Awards in Today's Workplace

Guide For Long Service Awards In Today’s Workplace

Overall, establishing a program for long service awards in the right manner can go a long way in enhancing the sense of loyalty and commitment towards the organization among its employees.

HiFives Employee Rewards Platform

Why Employee Rewards App Is A Must-have For Organizations

Investing in employee rewards app is the need of the hour for organizations at this time of big changes at the workplace, when employees feel a great need to be valued and appreciated.    

Integrating Employee Recognition with the Organizational Culture

Integrating Employee Recognition with Organizational Culture

Integrating employee recognition with organizational culture can provide a major competitive advantage to organizations. It can help them build a motivated and committed workforce that can drive business growth, and also enable them to attract and retain top talent.

Freedom of Choice for Success of Employee Rewards Programs

Freedom of Choice for Success of Employee Rewards Programs

Organizations need to think beyond standard and popular options for rewards to ensure success of employee rewards programs.
The freedom of choice when it comes to employee rewards is critical for deriving the desired result from such programs.

Employee of the Month Award

Complete Guide to ‘Employee of the Month’ Recognition Program

The employee of the month is a recognition given to an outstanding performer.
Though the concept sounds interesting, it is not as straightforward as it looks.

Employee Rewards and Recognition

Key Elements of a Perfect Employee Recognition Program

Understanding the key elements of a perfect employee recognition program is the first and the most important step that organizations need to take in the direction of developing such a system.

Best Appreciation Messages for Employee Recognition

33 Best Appreciation Messages for Employee Recognition

Good appreciation messages add great value to the significance of the awards for the employees and motivates them to achieve even greater heights of performance.

execution of an Employee Recognition Program

Employee Recognition: The Devil is in the Execution

It is not just enough to design great employee recognition programs; knowing and overcoming the various challenges that hinder the efficient execution of such a program is the key to ensuring their long-term success and delivering the expected return on investment for the organization.

Achievements that Organizations must Absolutely Recognize

Employee Rewards and Recognition for Sales Teams

A well-defined and properly thought-through rewards and recognition program can ensure a higher level of satisfaction and motivation of their sales representatives and deliver business impact well beyond just sales incentives!

Employee Rewards is at the Center of Workplace Gamification

Employee Rewards Is At The Center Of Workplace Gamification

Employee rewards is at the center of workplace gamification; a well-executed rewards program can help the organization realize the intended benefits such as higher performance, productivity and innovation from their workforce.

Guide to Employee Recognition in a Start-up Environment

Guide to Employee Recognition in a Startup Environment

Start-ups should develop employee rewards and recognition programs that can enhance workforce performance and motivation significantly, and accelerate business growth.

5 Low Budget Ideas for Employee Rewards and Recognition

5 Low Budget Ideas for Employee Rewards and Recognition

There are many low budget ideas for employee rewards and recognition for organizations to run such programs and still get the desired results in form of enhanced employee motivation and engagement levels.

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