HiFives Industry Best Practices in HR Management covers major topics in HR related to employee rewards and recognition, employee engagement, organizational culture and many more.

HR Best Practices

Employee Rewards and Recognition

Why Points-Based System Works Best For Employee Rewards And Recognition

Why Points-Based System Works Best For Employee Rewards And Recognition

A points-based rewards system can help gamify an employee rewards and recognition program effectively. This, in turn, makes the whole experience interesting and attractive for the employees, improving participation rate and making the program more impactful.

How Does Value-Based Recognition Work?

How Does Value-Based Recognition Work?

Developing an effective value-based recognition program helps in clarifying, aligning and reinforcing the organization’s vision and its expectations from its employees; keeping them motivated and focused.

Best Rewards and Recognition for Blue-Collared Employees

Best Rewards And Recognition For Blue-Collared Employees

Blue-collared employees are the nuts and bolts that keep the organization running smoothly and seamlessly. Recognizing their efforts in a timely and appropriate manner is essential to keep them motivated and productive even during the most difficult times.

Why is Timely Employee Recognition So Important?

Why Timely Employee Recognition Is So Important?

Employee recognition needs to be timely and appropriate to drive higher performance and engagement levels.
Hence, organizations need to adopt a policy of more effective and spontaneous recognition system.

Employee Engagement

HiFives Employee Recognition Platform

Employee Engagement Strategies To Fight The ‘Great Resignation’

Implementing these employee engagement strategies can go a long way in boosting workforce morale and making them feel valued by their employers, resulting in better retention and countering this trend of ‘Great Resignation’.

Effective Employee Engagement Strategies for Back-to-office Workforce

Employee Engagement Strategies For Back-to-office Workforce

Organizations need to devise effective employee engagement strategies for their back-to-office workforce to enhance their motivation, commitment and belongingness and drive greater business results.

A Corporate Guide to Celebrating Women’s Day

A Corporate Guide to Celebrating Women’s Day at Work

By celebrating Women’s Day, organizations can make a strong statement about promoting diversity and gender equality at the workplace.

How Important is Recognition for Employee Engagement?

How Important is Recognition for Employee Engagement?

All said and done, recognition plays an integral part in employee engagement no matter how it is executed.
At the end of the day, employees feeling happy is what matters most whether is a pat on the back, or a trip to the Bahamas!

Organizational Culture

Integrating Employee Recognition with the Organizational Culture

Integrating Employee Recognition with Organizational Culture

Integrating employee recognition with organizational culture can provide a major competitive advantage to organizations. It can help them build a motivated and committed workforce that can drive business growth, and also enable them to attract and retain top talent.

A Guide to Building Workplace Culture in Virtual Environments

A Guide to Building Workplace Culture in Virtual Environments

Organizations can benefit greatly by considering this guide for building workplace culture in virtual environments for enhancing their profitability and business success.

An essential guide to building a great organizational culture

An Essential Guide to Building a Great Organizational Culture

Organizational culture can deeply influence critical business metrics such as productivity, employee engagement and commitment.
That is why it is important for organizations to work towards developing a great organizational culture.

What is toxic workplace culture and the best ways to avoid it

What is Toxic Workplace Culture and Ways to Avoid it

Organizations need to ensure that avoid the pitfalls of a toxic work culture that is detrimental to the growth and profitability of the business.

Performance Management

Automated Performance Assessment – Rise of the Machines

Automated Performance Assessment – Rise of the Machines

In the near future, organizations would take a big data approach to performance appraisals.
It would increase efficiency, reduce bias and the cycle time

Peer feedback – a significant input for effective performance management

Peer Feedback for Effective Performance Management

If managed properly, peer feedback can result in improved employee performance, better goal setting, more accurate training gap identification and successful career planning for the employees and organization.

Useful tips for startups looking at an effective performance management process

5 Tips for Effective Performance Management in Start-ups

Developing an efficient performance management process can help startups set clear goals, build greater commitment and higher levels of performance from employees.

5 Effective Tips to give Negative Feedback to Employees

5 Effective Tips to give Negative Feedback to Employees

While most managers find it easy to offer positive feedback to the employees, they often feel extremely stressed and quite ill-at-ease while providing negative feedback to employees.

Other HR Topics

Is employee wellness a fad or necessity?

Is Employee Wellness A Fad Or Necessity?

It is clear that workplace health and wellness programs have received considerable attention post-covid, but an underlying question persists - is it a passing trend, or is it here to stay?

An HR Guide to Mindfulness at work

An HR Guide To Mindfulness At Work

Mindfulness at work is an effective way to create a low stress, highly productive and positive work environment. Given its benefits, organizations need to effectively promote its practice among the workforce.

Redefining the Role of the HR Business Partner in Post-COVID World

Redefining Role Of The HR Business Partner In Post-COVID World

The tremendous changes due to the pandemic would require redefining the role of the HR Business Partner in the post-COVID world to drive higher levels of employee satisfaction and faster business growth/ recovery.

A Total Guide to Set up an Employee Referral Program

A Total Guide to Set up an Employee Referral Program

A well-developed, successfully launched, and efficiently managed employee referral program can help organizations hire potential candidates faster and a lower cost.

About HiFives

HiFives is an employee rewards, recognition and engagement Software-as-a-Service Platform that enables organizations to digitize, automate and transform their employee experience.

The platform enables supervisors and co-workers to nominate, recognize and reward employees using a points-based system. HiFives has social features such as a wall of fame and gamification features such as leaderboards, e-certificates and digital badges. It also has a global redemption system with country-specific e-gift card options. HiFives integrates with all leading HRMS systems, Office 365, Google Workspace, MS Teams, Slack and other popular tools used at the workplace.

HiFives is helping organizations drive employee motivation, reinforce corporate values and create a culture of appreciation. Its clients include Asian Paints, Aditya Birla Capital, Carl Zeiss, Landmark Group, HDFC AMC, Hindalco, MediBuddy, Matrimony.com and many others.

At HiFives, we take a holistic approach to R&R. We leverage a comprehensive framework for R&R which touches every aspect of employee’s activities within the organization – on-the-job performance, behaviors, learning, innovation, key milestones, fun at work, etc. and sometimes even activities outside the organizations such as participation in sports, wellness, culture, CSR, etc.

Every organization has its own operating model, workforce profile, key performance indicators, culture and core values. Organizations can design and implement their own programs, like different pieces of a jigsaw and solve their own puzzle. Our platform is highly configurable and allows rapid customizations based on their needs.

It is a completely 360 degree approach with R&R being initiated by managers, peers and even by employees themselves. HiFives integrates with various other platforms such as CRM, LMS, Attendance systems, etc.; employee achievements tracked on these system can trigger rewards and recognition in HiFives through integration.


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