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Employee Rewards and Recognition

Can lack of Employee Recognition Program hurt an Organization?

Can Lack of Employee Recognition Program hurt an Organization?

It is clear that lack of employee recognition program can hurt an organization given that it is one of the key elements of motivating and engaging employees. Hence, organizations that haven’t set up such programs should necessary steps to address it and implement a robust employee recognition program in line with their business needs and expectations of their workforce.

Key Elements of a Perfect Employee Recognition Program

Key Elements of a Perfect Employee Recognition Program

Understanding the key elements of a perfect employee recognition program is the first and the most important step that organizations need to take in the direction of developing such a system that is effective in motivating their employees and driving business growth.

Best Appreciation Messages

33 Best Appreciation Messages for Employee Recognition

Examples of best appreciation messages for employee recognition can help organizations to complement the rewards of different categories with appropriate words. This adds great value to the significance of the awards for the employee and motivates him or her to achieve even greater heights of performance.

Technology drives Successful Employee Recognition Programs

Technology drives Successful Employee Recognition Programs

Technology-based employee recognition programs have become the need of the hour for organizations seeking effective and innovative ways to reward and recognize their employees and drive greater business growth. Technology drives Successful Employee Recognition Programs.

Employee Engagement

How Important is Recognition for Employee Engagement?

How Important is Recognition for Employee Engagement?

All said and done, recognition plays an integral part in employee engagement no matter how it is executed. At the end of the day, employees feeling happy is what matters most whether is a pat on the back, a trophy, a shopping voucher or a trip to the Bahamas!

10 effective strategies that can help drive employee engagement at the workplace

10 Effective Strategies for Driving Employee Engagement

Implementing the above strategies can help in boosting employee engagement significantly. However, rather than expecting overnight results, organizations adopt a patient approach and constantly make improvements to the strategies based on the results.

Organizational Culture

An essential guide to building a great organizational culture

An Essential Guide to Building a Great Organizational Culture

Organizational culture can deeply influence critical business metrics such as productivity, employee engagement and commitment. That is why it is important for organizations to work towards developing a great organization culture that matches their business values and objectives.

Building a culture of appreciation in the organization through employee recognition

Building a Culture of Appreciation through Employee Recognition

Building a strong culture of appreciation assures individual employees that they are not only seen and heard but also valued by their employers and peers. This enhances their sense of self-worth and makes them an active contributor in the process of growth and success of the business.

Performance Management

5 Effective Tips to give Negative Feedback to Employees

5 Effective Tips to give Negative Feedback to Employees

One of the most important things for managers to remember while delivering negative feedback to employees is to reaffirm their confidence in them. The managers should never cast any doubt on the commitment of the employee to his or her job and to the organization. They should then move the discussion in a direction so as to get a positive outcome despite the negative feedback.

Peer feedback – a significant input for effective performance management

Peer Feedback for Effective Performance Management

Even though peer feedback plays a critical role in ensuring effective performance management, it does not necessarily have to be focused solely on deciding employee compensation. If managed properly, it can result in improved employee performance, better goal setting, more accurate training gap identification and successful career planning for the employees and organization.

Other HR Topics

5 Signs of Disengaged Employees that organization must stay alert to

5 Signs of Disengaged Employees to be Watched

Organizations need to stay alert to these signs of disengagement among employees and take timely action to reverse the trend and actually improve employee engagement levels in the organization.

5 Tips for organizations to keep their Work from Home Employees engaged

5 Tips to Engage the Work from Home Employees

The sudden changes in work scenarios have left most of the work from home employees confused and unclear, which is why organizations need to implement the right engagement strategies and keep them motivated and productive.

Comprehensive Guide for Engaging a Multi-generation Workforce

Comprehensive Guide for Engaging a Multi-Generation Workforce

Ensuring consistently high levels of employee motivation is in itself a difficult task and it becomes even more challenging when the workforce comprises of multiple generations. However, with the right intent and methods, this objective of integrating and engaging a multi-generation workforce can be accomplished.

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