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Case Study: Gamification & Recognition of Learning & Development

Organization Profile

The company is one of India’s largest financial asset management companies, with several trillion dollars in assets under management.

Workforce Profile

Workforce Profile

The company has over 1500 employees, comprising Sales, Client Services, Marketing, Information Security, Human Resources, Operations, and Risk Management across 100+ locations in India.

Program Objectives

How to Build an Effective Business Case for Employee Recognition

The key objective of the program is to build a solid culture of continuous learning and development in the organization through the following:

Program Details

The program looks at gamification and recognition of learning & development activities by calibrating various internal and external programs and certifications.

Hence, the program covers the entire gamut of L&D activities within the organization, spanning technical, functional, and competency-building training, industry certifications, etc.

It also covers the reward and recognition of employees for generating new ideas through business ideas and solutions.

So, the company has identified nearly 250 learning, development, and innovation categories for gamification, reward, and recognition.

Program Framework

The reward points for completing different courses and certifications are assigned based on each one’s level of complexity and difficulty.

Process Flow

The data about the learning and development activities of employees are captured on the HiFives platform using multiple methods:



Employees earn reward points for completing training programs and certifications and developing new ideas.

Also, the Leaderboard on the platform shows the top winners based on reward points across units and locations.

Social Visibility

Social Visibility

All awards, peer recognition, and employee milestones get automatically posted on the HiFives platform’s Wall of Fame.

They also get posted on the company’s MS Teams Channel (through an integration), where other employees can see and like the posts to congratulate the winners.

Reward Points Redemption

Gift Cards

Employees can also redeem rewards for e-gift cards from leading brands.

In fact, they can choose from a catalog of e-gift cards from several hundred reputed brands.

They receive these e-gift cards over email.

Program Branding

The platform also includes the program brandinglogo, theme colors, e-certificates, and email communication templates.

Platform Access for Employees

Platform Access

Employees can access the HiFives platform from the company’s intranet portal through a single sign-on (SSO) process integrated with the Zing HR platform, the company’s HRMS, without using separate credentials.

They can also access the platform on the go using the HiFives mobile apps – Android or iOS.

Employee Data Integration

The employee data in HiFives is updated through integration with Zing HR, the company’s HRMS.

Program Impact

The L&D team utilizes the reports and analytics dashboards on the HiFives platform to monitor the program’s key metrics and take appropriate action to drive traction.

Also, they can download the raw data for further analysis and required interventions.

The team also compares the program’s key metrics, such as the number of training completed across different business units/ locations, and plans appropriate actions.

Another critical indicator of the program’s success is the number of new ideas across different business areas.

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