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Automated Performance Assessment – Rise of the Machines

Automated Performance Assessment – Rise of the Machines

In the near future, organizations would take a big data approach to performance appraisals.
It would increase efficiency, reduce bias and the cycle time

Peer Feedback for Effective Performance Management

If managed properly, peer feedback can result in improved employee performance, better goal setting, more accurate training gap identification and successful career planning for the employees and organization.

Useful tips for startups looking at an effective performance management process

5 Tips for Effective Performance Management in Start-ups

Developing an efficient performance management process can help startups set clear goals, build greater commitment and higher levels of performance from employees.

5 Effective Tips to give Negative Feedback to Employees

5 Effective Tips to give Negative Feedback to Employees

While most managers find it easy to offer positive feedback to the employees, they often feel extremely stressed and quite ill-at-ease while providing negative feedback to employees.


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