Reputed Media Company

One of the largest FM Radio companies in India. This company is using the HiFives platform to reward and recognize employees with performance-based awards, value-based recognition, peer-to-peer recognition, and service awards. The platform is also being used to drive employee engagement through fun or informal awards. The workforce consists of radio jockeys, programming staff, marketing and sales teams. The HiFives Platform is integrated with the company’s Google Workspace.

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Financial Services Major

One of the leading non-banking financial services company. This company is using the rewards and recognition platform to align employees to its corporate and group values and build and culture of appreciation through peer-to-peer nomination. The program also utilizes a panel-based system of evaluation for quarterly and annual awards for best performers across the organizations. The HiFives platform is integrated with the company’s Peoplestrong HRMS Platform and with WhatsApp.

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Healthcare Startup

One of the fastest growing digital startups in the healthcare services space with 1,500+ employees. The company uses the HiFives platform to power its employee rewards and recognition program. The program consists of monthly, quarterly and annual awards for both individuals and teams. It also includes peer-to-peer recognition, aligned to the core values of the organization. Employees can use their Google Workspace accounts through single sign-on integration to access the HiFives platform.

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Fashion Retailer

A large fashion and lifestyle retailer based in the Middle East region. The employee rewards and recognition program covers both office and store employees, across all functions. The program leverages the HiFives platform to digitize, automate and transform the entire process of employee rewards and recognition. It includes peer-to-peer recognition, monthly and quarterly awards, long service awards, employee birthdays and rewards for employee wellness. Employees use both the mobile and web versions of the platform.

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Large Manufacturing Company

Engaged in the manufacturing, selling and distribution of consumer and industrial products. It is one of the best-known brands in India. This company is transforming its work culture through a rewards and recognition program that enables managers and peers recognize their colleagues instantly The program covers 12,000+ employees in factories, sales, marketing and other corporate functions across 15 countries. The HiFives platform is integrated with the company’s Success Factors HRMS platform.

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Global Tech Company

A mid-sized IT and analytics services company headquartered in the US with workforce in other countries such as India and Canada. This company is using the HiFives platform to reward and recognize its employees with performance-based awards and value-based recognition as well as peer-to-peer recognition. The platform also enables the HR and management to review all nominations for quarterly and bi-annual awards. The platform is integrated with the company’s Google Workspace and Slack channel.

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About HiFives

  • HiFives is an employee rewards, recognition, and engagement Software-as-a-Service Platform that enables organizations to digitize, automate, and transform their employee experience.

  • The platform enables supervisors and co-workers to nominate, recognize, and reward employees using a points-based system for performance, demonstrating core values, learning and development, innovation, and other criteria. It also enables approvals and budgeting.

  • HiFives has social features such as a wall of fame and gamification features such as leaderboards, e-certificates, and digital badges. It also has a global redemption system with country-specific e-gift card options in 25+ countries worldwide. HiFives also incorporates many best practices of employee rewards and recognition.

  • HiFives integrates with all leading HRMS systems, Office 365, Google Workspace, MS Teams, Slack, and other popular workplace tools. It also provides APIs for integration with dozens of other systems, such as CRM, LMS, PMS, etc.

  • HiFives helps large enterprises, growth organizations, and startups drive employee motivation, reinforce corporate values, and create a culture of appreciation. Its clients include leading companies such as Asian Paints, Aditya Birla Capital, Carl Zeiss, HDFC AMC, Landmark Group, Hindalco, MediBuddy,, and many others.

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