HiFives, the global SaaS platform for employee rewards, recognition and engagement is fully owned and managed by DealsNow Consumer Solutions Private Limited (The Company), a company registered in India and headquartered in Bangalore. This is the privacy and information security statement of the company.

To All Our Stakeholders,

The Company is committed to maintaining high quality standards in delivering timely and cost-effective solutions to our customers by continual improvement of our processes, instilling quality consciousness amongst all employees and recognizing the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information assets to relevant stakeholders including our customers.

The detailed documented ISMS and PIMS Policy shall be made available to relevant interested parties on need basis. An excerpt of the Privacy Policy is available here.

Risk management is done as per ‘FMEA’ and the risks are evaluated based on asset value, threat and vulnerabilities. If risk value is high, adequate controls are implemented.

Policy Guidelines

1. The Company prevents leakage, destruction, and illegal use of all information relating to customers, vendors, staff, management etc. and builds systems to secure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information for regular operations.

2. The Company recognizes the value of the private information of all staff and secures it.

3. The Company provides all staff with proper education and training to maintain and improve the effectiveness of the information security and privacy management system.

4. The Company builds and manages an organization that grasps incidents, audits its operations and effectiveness of the information security management system, and attempts its continuous improvement.

5. The ISMS and PIMS Policy is reviewed by the top management at least once in one year and as and when changes occur in the business requirements, regulatory or legal requirements.

6. Any change to the existing ISMS and PIMS Policy is considered and incorporated following the management review meetings.

7. The business objective of the Company is to provide high quality of services to our clients.

8. Continuous focus on employee satisfaction and competency development so as to reduce and stabilize employee attrition.

9. Continual improvement of service levels for our internal and external customers.

Authorized By

Sagar Chaudhuri

Chief Executive Officer

Date: 23 November, 2023

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