Know about the Product:

HiFives Employee Rewards and Recognition Platform

The HiFives Employee Reward and Recognition Platform have been developed based on 10+ years of research of employee rewards and recognition practices of 1000+ organizations. The platform combines industry best practices of employee rewards and recognition with cutting edge technology, and great end-user experience for organizations across industries, geographies, headcounts, and workforce profiles.


How does the HiFives Platform work?

Understand How HiFives is Transforming Employee Experience

HiFives Employee Rewards, Recognition and Engagement Platform is a highly configurable and flexible product that can map to the intricacies and complexities of your organizational processes and incorporate industry best practices in your employee rewards and recognition program.


– Advanced Features: Drive the transformation of workplace practices and culture faster

– Configurability: Enable quicker implementation and matches business requirements

– Best Practices: Incorporate industry best practices

– Scalability: Work across geographies, industry and workforce size

– Affordable Solution: Transparent pricing based on per seat; pay-as-you-go

– Security: Ensure data privacy and compliance with corporate policies


With more and more millennials and Gen Z employees joining the workforce, employee needs and expectations are changing even more quickly. The younger employees are much more digitally savvy as compared to their seniors and they want all things digital.


– Digital Experience: Completely platform/ app-driven, integrates seamlessly with other platforms such as Office 365, Google Workspace

– Social Visibility: Integrates easily with collaboration platforms like MS Teams and Slack, social media

– Gamification: Incorporates game-elements such as reward points, badges, leaderboards, walls, levels, e-cards

– Instant Gratification: Has multi-currency points-based system, digital wallets, 1000+ brands of e-gift cards in 25+ countries, non-monetary options


The needs and expectations of employees are constantly evolving; hence human resources practices such as employee rewards and recognition need to evolve at the same pace. So, it is critical that organizations keep innovating on their employee practices and investing in HR tools, platforms and technology solutions take can take care of the changing requirements.


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