HiFives Industry Best Practices of Employee Rewards and Recognition covering different aspects of rewards and recognition policy, program design, program implementation, R&R technology, etc.

Why Points-Based System Works Best For Employee Rewards And Recognition

Why Points-Based System Works Best For Employee Rewards And Recognition

A points-based rewards system can help gamify an employee rewards and recognition program effectively. This, in turn, makes the whole experience interesting and attractive for the employees, improving participation rate and making the program more impactful.

How Does Value-Based Recognition Work?

How Does Value-Based Recognition Work?

Developing an effective value-based recognition program helps in clarifying, aligning and reinforcing the organization’s vision and its expectations from its employees; keeping them motivated and focused.

Best Rewards and Recognition for Blue-Collared Employees

Best Rewards And Recognition For Blue-Collared Employees

Blue-collared employees are the nuts and bolts that keep the organization running smoothly and seamlessly. Recognizing their efforts in a timely and appropriate manner is essential to keep them motivated and productive even during the most difficult times.

Why is Timely Employee Recognition So Important?

Why Timely Employee Recognition Is So Important?

Employee recognition needs to be timely and appropriate to drive higher performance and engagement levels.
Hence, organizations need to adopt a policy of more effective and spontaneous recognition system.

Manage Spot Awards Using Employee Recognition Software

Manage Spot Awards Using Employee Recognition Software

Spot awards are important for organizations looking to build a happy and satisfied workforce. Organizations can manage spot awards using employee recognition software to make recognition more efficient, regular, and seamless. This can help in maximizing the benefits from the program in form of higher business impact and a positive work environment.

How To Leverage Employee Recognition To Retain Top Talent In 2023

How To Leverage Employee Recognition To Retain Top Talent In 2023

The top talent in any organization is critical to its growth and success. The more they feel appreciated and connected to their organization and their co-workers, the less likely they are to leave. Hence, organizations should seriously look to leverage employee recognition to retain top talent as an effective HR strategy.

7 Hacks to Revive a Dying Employee Recognition Program

7 Hacks To Revive A Dying Employee Recognition Program

It is well known that effective and timely employee recognition motivates the workforce and helps boost business growth and productivity. Hence, it is important for an organization to recognize the warning signs and act quickly to revive a fading employee recognition program, to reverse its decline.

Event-based Employee Recognition

A Total Guide To Event-based Employee Recognition

Event-based employee recognition can help organizations create greater impact from recognition programs by driving a higher level of interest and engagement among the workforce.

How To Create A Culture of Appreciation In 2023

How To Create A Culture of Appreciation In 2023

Building a culture of appreciation by implementing an effective employee recognition program can help an organization realize several benefits including an engaged workforce, sustainable business growth and significant competitive advantage.

How Employee Recognition Can Drive Culture Change in 2023

How Employee Recognition Can Drive Culture Change In 2023

Leveraging employee recognition to drive culture change can help create a happier workplace with an engaged workforce, aligned to the desired set of core values of the organization. It can make the process of such changes much more smooth, painless and sustainable.

Employee Recognition Can Drive Innovation By Creating the Right Culture

How Employee Recognition Can Drive Innovation In 2023

Leveraging employee recognition to drive innovation in the workplace can prove beneficial for organizations in more than one way. In addition to enhancing the overall engagement, and productivity of the workforce, it can help businesses grow faster and stay competitive.

Driving Workforce Productivity through Employee Recognition Software

Driving Workforce Productivity Through Employee Recognition Software

Employee motivation is one of the biggest driving forces behind improving workforce productivity and ensuring business success. Driving workforce productivity through employee recognition software should be a key focus area for all organizations.

Key Trends for Employee Recognition in 2023

Key Trends For Employee Recognition In 2023

Employee rewards and recognition is evolving continuously; staying updated about the latest trends can provide businesses with a great competitive advantage. Organizations should be able to identify on those trends that are likely to prove most beneficial for their business and focus on them to build a more productive workforce.

HiFives Employee Rewards Platform

Why Employee Rewards App Is A Must-have For Organizations

Investing in employee rewards app is the need of the hour for organizations at this time of big changes at the workplace, when employees feel a great need to be valued and appreciated.    

Integrating Employee Recognition with the Organizational Culture

Integrating Employee Recognition with Organizational Culture

Integrating employee recognition with organizational culture can provide a major competitive advantage to organizations. It can help them build a motivated and committed workforce that can drive business growth, and also enable them to attract and retain top talent.

Employee Rewards is at the Center of Workplace Gamification

Employee Rewards Is At The Center Of Workplace Gamification

Employee rewards is at the center of workplace gamification; a well-executed rewards program can help the organization realize the intended benefits such as higher performance, productivity and innovation from their workforce.

7 Best Hacks for your Employee Recognition Program

7 Best Hacks For Your Employee Recognition Program

As an organization, considering these 7 best hacks for your employee recognition program and implementing them can really help you derive greater returns from your program.

How Recognition impacts different Employee Personalities?

How Recognition Impacts Different Employee Personalities

Learning about how recognition impacts different employee personalities can be quite crucial for developing a balanced employee recognition framework to create a highly productive and dedicated workforce, which in turn can enhance business growth and success significantly.

How to Launch an Employee Recognition Program in a Week

How To Launch An Employee Recognition Program In A Week

To launch an employee recognition program in a week is no easy feat to achieve. However, with the right kind of team, planning and execution, it can be made possible while also setting it up for success. 

How to make Employee Recognition Fun and Wacky

Creating A Culture Of Digital Recognition In The Organization

Such best practices can make the process of digital recognition a key part of the organizational culture. This in turn can boost employee happiness and motivation, and enhance the overall performance of the organization.

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