HiFives Industry Best Practices of Employee Rewards and Recognition covering different aspects of rewards and recognition policy, program design, program implementation, R&R technology, etc.

Achievements that Organizations must Absolutely Recognize

Employee Rewards and Recognition for Sales Teams

A well-defined and properly thought-through rewards and recognition program can ensure a higher level of satisfaction and motivation of their sales representatives and deliver business impact well beyond just sales incentives!

Employee Rewards is at the Center of Workplace Gamification

Employee Rewards Is At The Center Of Workplace Gamification

Employee rewards is at the center of workplace gamification; a well-executed rewards program can help the organization realize the intended benefits such as higher performance, productivity and innovation from their workforce.

Guide to Employee Recognition in a Start-up Environment

Guide to Employee Recognition in a Startup Environment

Start-ups should develop employee rewards and recognition programs that can enhance workforce performance and motivation significantly, and accelerate business growth.

5 Low Budget Ideas for Employee Rewards and Recognition

5 Low Budget Ideas for Employee Rewards and Recognition

There are many low budget ideas for employee rewards and recognition for organizations to run such programs and still get the desired results in form of enhanced employee motivation and engagement levels.

Most significant disadvantages for organizations lacking a good rewards program

Can Lack of Employee Recognition Program hurt an Organization?

Lack of an employee recognition program can hurt an organization as it is one of the key HR strategies for motivating and engaging employees.
Hence, organizations should necessary steps to address this gap and implement a robust employee recognition program.

Significance of a Good Employee Recognition Program

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Set up an Employee Recognition Program

This step-by-step guide on how to set up an employee recognition program is based on best practices from organizations that have successfully implemented employee recognition programs for building a work culture that promotes innovation, performance and business growth.

7 Best Hacks for your Employee Recognition Program

7 Best Hacks For Your Employee Recognition Program

As an organization, considering these 7 best hacks for your employee recognition program and implementing them can really help you derive greater returns from your program.

How Recognition impacts different Employee Personalities?

How Recognition Impacts Different Employee Personalities

Learning about how recognition impacts different employee personalities can be quite crucial for developing a balanced employee recognition framework to create a highly productive and dedicated workforce, which in turn can enhance business growth and success significantly.


Impact of Digitization on Personal Touch in Employee Recognition

Overall, it does seem that digitization of the employee rewards and recognition program adds much more than what it takes away.
There is no reason to believe that it would reduce the personal touch.

Why Build Internal Tool for Employee Rewards and Recognition

Why Build Internal Tool for Employee Rewards and Recognition

In the short run, it might make sense to build your own employee rewards and recognition tool especially if you have the available resources, but in the long run, it might not turn out to be such a wise investment.

Innovative Award Names

70 Innovative Award Names for Employee Recognition (part 2)

Organizations should come up with innovative and engaging names for their employee rewards and recognition programs.

Benefits of Appreciating Employees for Community Service

Should Organizations Recognize Employees for Community Service?

Recognizing employees for their contribution towards community service goes to show that the organization too cares for the greater good of society and encourages its employees to be directly involved in such initiatives.

Program Launch

How To Launch An Employee Recognition Program In A Week

To launch an employee recognition program in a week is no easy feat to achieve. However, with the right kind of team, planning and execution, it can be made possible while also setting it up for success. 

Re-opening Offices post-COVID-19

Importance of Employee Recognition during difficult times

Employee Recognition during difficult times, especially in a timely and effective manner can help organizations get the support, dedication and commitment of their employees.

5 Best Ways to Recognize Top Performers

5 Best Ways to Recognize Top Performers

It is very important for organizations to recognize top performers and keep them motivated and committed to the success of the business.

Post-COVID: ‘Digital Workplace' is a must for all organizations

Post-COVID: ‘Digital Workplace’ is a Must for all Organizations

All organizations adopt the digital workplace as an integral part of their strategy for business growth and sustenance.

Achievements that Organizations must Absolutely Recognize

Key Employee Achievements That Organizations Must Recognize

Recognizing employees for their achievements has a significant impact on the overall engagement of the workforce and results in higher business growth and profitability.

How to make Employee Recognition Fun and Wacky

Creating A Culture Of Digital Recognition In The Organization

Such best practices can make the process of digital recognition a key part of the organizational culture. This in turn can boost employee happiness and motivation, and enhance the overall performance of the organization.


Peer-to-Peer or Manager Recognition – which works better?

Peer-to-peer and Manager recognition are the two main pillars of a successful employee recognition program.
They should be used in tandem by an organization to build a motivate and engage their workforce.

Tips to Make Work Anniversary Celebration More Meaningful

Guide to Celebrating Work Anniversaries for Employee Engagement

Celebrating the work anniversaries can organizations provide a great way to reward their loyal employees and drive their motivation and commitment further.


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