5 Best Ways to Recognize Top Performers

Most organizations acknowledge the fact that their success is driven largely by the hard work and dedication of their top performers. Hence, organizations would need to put their best foot forward when it comes to engaging and retaining their top performers. One effective way to ensure the happiness and satisfaction of these high performers is to recognize them for their achievements. This can play a key role in keeping them engaged and motivated, thereby ensuring their long term retention with the organization. Knowing the best ways to appreciate and recognize their key performers can boost their motivation and performance further and also motivate other employees to emulate them.

How do we recognize top performers?

Recognizing its best performers proves beneficial for an organization in more than one way. In addition to boosting the morale of these professionals, such recognition also contributes towards building a positive work culture and thereby improving the overall employee retention. It also enhances the employer brand value of the organization and ensures that the organization is able to attract the most talented candidates in the industry. Given below are few of the best employee recognition ideas for organizations to keep the high-performing members of their workforce constantly motivated:
1. A simple ‘Thank You’ can work wonders
Most organizations feel that they need to shower their high performing employees with unique and impressive things to make them feel appreciated. However, they need to understand that they can express their gratitude towards these employees by simply thanking them. In fact, a handwritten thank you note or even a pat on the back received from their supervisors is often considered as a sufficient by these employees. Such appreciation can prove more effective as it is personalized and assures the employees that their efforts are being monitored and valued by people who matter the most.
2. Appreciate them on a public platform
Appreciating the efforts and contributions of the high-performing employees on a public platform, whether it is a team meeting, town hall or a digital forum is great way to recognize them. By highlighting their commitment towards work, their achievements, and other qualities publicly, the organization can instil a deep sense of self-worth and pride in the employees. In this context, internal social media platforms are the best places to recognize their best employees publicly. Organizations can also choose to appreciate the employees at the various team events and meetings attended by other employees.
3. Offer skill development opportunities
High performing employees are constantly seeking ways to improve their performance. Thus the organization can recognize these employees by providing them with the right training and resources for skill development. Learning new skills can help the top employees to fulfil their desire of enhancing their performance in far lesser time and more effectively. This will, in turn, helps in improving their overall satisfaction and motivates them to take up more challenging responsibilities and improve their contribution to business growth.
4. Provide flexible work schedules
Giving high-performing employees the freedom to choose a work schedule that suits them the most is another great way of recognizing them. They may be allowed to come to work early or late as per their convenience and leave accordingly. They might also be given the freedom to work in multiple shifts if it helps to improve their productivity and improves their sense of satisfaction. Such recognition improves the overall well-being and happiness of the employees as it ensures lesser stress and creates a better work-life balance for them. This, in turn, boosts their sense of commitment and dedication towards their organization.
5. Empower them through information sharing
An effective method of employee recognition for the best performers is to empower them by sharing vital information with them. Organizations can choose to make such employees aware of the impact of their dedication and contribution on overall business profitability and growth. Knowing this fills the employees with a sense of achievement and helps them to better understand their value in the organization and motivates them to continue giving their best to ensure organizational success even during the most challenging times.

Most high-performing employees within an organization are self-motivated and extremely passionate about their job. However, it is still very important that organizations recognize their efforts and make them feel a highly valued member of the organization.

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5 Best Ways to Recognize Top Performers
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