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‘Unlocking the Power of Employee Rewards & Recognition – The Ultimate Guide’

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This e-Book covers several important aspects of Employee Rewards and Recognition including the following:

  • 1. Importance of Employee Rewards and Recognition
  • 2. Companies with the Best Employee Rewards and Recognition Programs
  • 3. Peer-to-Peer v/s Manager Recognition
  • 4. Recognition and Culture
  • 5. Types of Awards/ Recognition
  • 6. Monetary v/s Non-Monetary Awards
  • 7. Budget-friendly Programs
  • 8. Principles and Best Practices of Program Design
  • 9. Program Implementation Steps and Best Practices
  • 10. Measuring the Impact of Employee Rewards and Recognition
  • 11. Reasons for Success/ Failure of Programs
  • 12. Ideas and Trends

It also has reference links to more resources and best practices of employee rewards and recognition on the HiFives website.

HiFives E-Book of Employee Rewards and Recognition

This e-Book of Employee Rewards and Recognition should be a handy guide for anyone looking to set up an employee rewards and recognition program in their organization or planning to optimize an existing program for greater impact.

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