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‘Unlocking the Power of Employee Rewards & Recognition – The Ultimate Guide’

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This e-Book covers several important aspects of Employee Rewards and Recognition including the following:

  • Importance of Employee Rewards and Recognition
  • Companies with the Best Employee Rewards and Recognition Programs
  • Peer-to-Peer v/s Manager Recognition
  • Recognition and Culture
  • Types of Awards/ Recognition
  • Monetary v/s Non-Monetary Awards
  • Budget-friendly Programs
  • Principles and Best Practices of Program Design
  • Program Implementation Steps and Best Practices
  • Measuring the Impact of Employee Rewards and Recognition
  • Reasons for Success/ Failure of Programs
  • Ideas and Trends

It also has reference links to more resources and best practices of employee rewards and recognition on the HiFives website.

HiFives E-Book of Employee Rewards and Recognition

This e-Book of Employee Rewards and Recognition should be a handy guide for anyone looking to set up an employee rewards and recognition program in their organization or planning to optimize an existing program for greater impact.

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About HiFives

HiFives is a global employee rewards, recognition, and engagement SaaS platform that enables organizations to digitize, automate and transform their employee experience.







More About HiFives

The HiFives platform enables supervisors and co-workers to nominate, recognize and reward employees using a points-based system. Budget management, jury-based evaluation, and multi-level approval workflows are built into the platform.

HiFives has social features such as a wall of fame and gamification features such as leaderboards, e-certificates, and digital badges. It also has a global redemption system with country-specific e-gift card options. HiFives integrates with all leading HRMS systems, Office 365, Google Workspace, MS Teams, Slack, and other popular tools used at the workplace.

HiFives is used by many large enterprises, small businesses, and startups across 20+ countries in the world, in many industries including manufacturing, retail, technology, financial services and media.

Employee expectations are constantly evolving; hence HR practices such as R&R need to evolve at the same pace. So, it is important for organizations to keep innovating on their HR practices and investing in HR tools and technology solutions take can take care of the changing needs.


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