1. How do I login into the HiFives Platform?

Please go to www.hifives.in and click on the login link from the top right corner of the page. If your organization is using a SSO from the intranet/ HRMS, you can log into HiFives by clicking on the relevant link. For the first time, you will receive an OTP on your official email ID, which you need to enter on the HiFives page for verification. Post this, you will not receive any OTP when you click on the SSO link on the intranet.

2. I am unable to log in/ getting an error while trying to log in. 

Please reset your password by using the Forgot Password link https://hifives.in/account/password/reset  on the login page and entering your official email ID. The password reset link will be sent to your email ID. You can set a new password by clicking on that link.

3. My account does not exist in HiFives. Or my account is deactivated. 

Please contact your organization’s SPOC/ program manager to get your account created on reactivated in HiFives.

4. Which browser should I use? 

The platform has been designed to work across latest versions of all browsers. It will work best with Internet Explorer 11 and Chrome 6. On older versions of browsers, certain features of the platform might not work properly.

5. What do I do if the page doesn’t behave the way it should?

Please reload the page by doing a hard refresh – CTRL F5. If the problem persists, please delete the temporary internet files/ cache of the browser and restart the browser. Also, please check the browser version.

6. I am not able to find the employee I want to nominate. 

Please contact your organization’s SPOC/ program manager.

7. I am unable to submit the nomination.

Please do not use any special characters in the citation box or business justification box e.g. & )(

8. I am not able to see a particular feature e.g. Approve or Nominate.

Please contact your organization’s SPOC/ program manager.

10. I need help in using the platform. Whom should I contact?

Please contact the HiFives Helpdesk at contactus@hifives.in  For faster resolution, please include a screenshot of the issue you are facing

11. Order status is showing as delivered, but I haven’t received the gift voucher. 

Please check if the gift voucher was delivered to your spam/ junk mail folder in the mailbox that you have specified at the time of placing the order. You can also find the voucher details in your HiFives account under My Account > My Orders. 

12. The voucher I received is not working on the website/ store

Please check that your are entering the right code and PIN. Also, ensure that voucher/ card has not expired or used already. You can contact the customer service helpdesk of the brand to ensure that you are following the right steps to use the voucher.  If you are still facing problems, please write an email to HiFives Helpdesk, contactus@hifives.in with the order number (and the screenshot of the issue, in case your are using it online).