Functionality and Technical Features of HiFives Platform

Know more about the Functionality and Technical Features of HiFives Platform

Key Functionality Advanced features that enables you to achieve your program objectives

Individual Awards

Single recipient for an award

Approval Workflows

Based on reporting structure

Points System

Each reward is associated with points


System of challenges/ tasks and rewards

Team Awards

Multiple recipients as a team

Panel-based Evaluation

Questionnaires, Scores, Rankings

Non-Monetary Awards

Social or intrinsic value

Smart Awards

Automated awards based on predefined rules

Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Any colleague can recognize


 Configurable Design/ Branding

Monetary Awards

With financial value

Auto Newsletters

Automated and configurable summary emails 


Birthdays, Work Anniversaries, etc.

Team Notifications

Email notifications to colleagues

Global Redemption

Local options in gift vouchers

Company Catalog

Redemption options managed by the client

Technical Features Powerful platform with best-in-class technical features


Implementation and changes can be done easily and quickly

Single Sign-On

Enables users to seamlessly navigate directly from internal platforms


Administration and changes in the platform can be done internally


Integrates easily with HRMS systems through pre-defined APIs


Responsive mobile-friendly design, can be used on Android and iOS


Scalable architecture to maintain performance even at peak load


Company branding across the platform and email communication


256-bit encryption and multi-factor authentication

3rd Party Integration Integrates seamlessly with best-in-class platforms

Microsoft Teams

Notifications through Teams Channels

PeopleStrong HRMS

Single Sign-On with PeopleStrong HRMS


Notifications through Slack Channels


Single Sign-On with RAMCO HCM

Google Workspace

Single Sign-On using Google ID

Excelity HCM

Single Sign-On with Excelity HCM (Ceridian)

Office 365/ Azure AD

SSO with Office 365/ Azure AD

Success Factors

Single Sign-On with Success Factors

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