Functionality and Technical Features of HiFives Platform

Know more about the Functionality and Technical Features of HiFives Platform

Multiple Types of Rewards & Recognition Implement Customized R&R Framework

Spot Awards

Annual Awards

Value Recognition

Team Awards

Innovation Awards

Personal Milestones

Monthly Awards

L&D Awards

Special Awards

Quarterly Awards

Peer Recognition

Automated Awards

Customizable Workflows Based on Your Business Process Requirements

Role-wise Nomination

Budget Management

Self-Nominate Option

Custom e-Certificates

Multi-level Approvals

Instant Notifications

Jury Evaluation

Auto Newsletters

Monetary Rewards Provide Personalized Monetary Benefits

Points System

Global Redemption

Flexi Points Value

Local e-Gift Cards

Social Visibility & Engagement Drive Social Gratification across Platforms

Wall of Fame


Social Media Integration

Other Platform Integration

Program Administration Set Up, Manage & Monitor Programs

Admin Console

Bulk Operations

Reports & Analytics

Configurable Rules

Technical Features Powerful Platform with Best-in-Class Technical Features


Implementation and changes can be done easily and quickly

Single Sign-On

Enables users to seamlessly navigate directly from internal platforms


Administration and changes in the platform can be done internally


Integrates easily with HRMS & other Platforms through pre-defined APIs


Responsive mobile-friendly design, can be used on Android and iOS


Scalable architecture to maintain performance even at peak load


Company branding across the platform and email communication


ISO 270001 Certified & Industry Best Practices for Security

3rd Party Integration Integrates Seamlessly with Best-in-Class Platforms

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