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HiFives Employee Rewards, Recognition and Engagement Platform
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Employee Rewards, Recognition and Engagement Software Platform

Reward & Recognize Employees

Conduct Surveys & Pulses

Run Contests & Challenges

Create Employee Stories

Creates measurable business benefits

Business Impact

Boosts Performance & Productivity

Promotes Values & Builds Culture

Accelerates Learning & Development

Drives Innovation & Growth

Has Best-in-Class Features and Functionalities

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Advanced Features

Enables Digital Transformation of HR Practices

Best Practices

Incorporates Best Practices of Rewards and Recognition


Works across Geographies, Industry and Workforce


Quick Implementation based on Business Requirements


Flexible Pricing: Pay-per-seat and Pay-as-you-go


Secure and Robust Technology Architecture

About HiFives

HiFives is a Global Employee Rewards Recognition and Engagement Software Platform that enables organizations to digitize, automate and transform their employee experience. Started in 2012 by seasoned industry professionals from IIT and IIM, HiFives is transforming workplaces globally. It is being leveraged by 100+ organizations across the globe to build a motivated and engaged workforce.

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How Does HiFives Work

Digitize, Automate & Transform Your Employee Rewards & Recognition
Across Industries, Geographies and Workforce Sizes

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Global Coverage

Global Coverage

The HiFives Approach

  • At HiFives, we take a holistic approach to employee rewards and recognition. We leverage a comprehensive framework that touches every aspect of employee activities within the organization.

  • These could be on-the-job performance, behaviors, learning, innovation, key milestones, fun at work, etc., and sometimes even activities outside the organizations, such as participation in sports, wellness, culture, community service, etc.


  • Every organization has its own operating model, workforce profile, key performance indicators, culture, and core values.

  • Organizations can design and implement their programs using HiFives, like different jigsaw pieces, and solve their puzzle of rewards and recognition.

  • The HiFives platform is highly configurable and allows rapid customization based on the organization’s needs.

Our Thought Leadership

What are Employees Recognized for - An AI Analysis

AI-Powered Insights: Understanding Employee Recognition

Organizations must recognize their employees' exemplary achievements and beneficial business actions. To this end, we at HiFives analyzed what employees are recognized for in their organizations using AI tools and techniques. 

Case Study: Gamification & Recognition of Learning & Development

Case Study: Gamification & Recognition of Learning & Development

The HiFives platform enabled the gamification & recognition of learning & development at a leading financial services company

How To Recognize And Motivate Gen Z Employees

How To Recognize And Motivate Gen Z Employees?

Harnessing Gen Z's unique talents and true potential is vital for any organization's continued success and growth. Organizations must deeply understand their values and aspirations and implement tailored strategies to motivate and recognize Gen Z employees.

Reward Employees For Green Initiatives

Rewarding Employees For Green Initiatives In The Workplace

With the increasing focus on the environment and climate change, organizations too need to take more action. Rewarding employees for green initiatives at the workplace is essential for organizations to maximize their impact and get the best outcomes.

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