• Drive employee motivation, performance and retention
  • Implement best practices of rewards and recognition
  • Enhance employee experience, freedom of choice and convenience
Drive employee motivation, performance and retention1 Implement best practices of rewards and recognition2 Enhance employee experience, freedom of choice and convenience 3


employee motivation

Helps manage various programs - employee life events such as birthdays and weddings, service awards, spot awards, performance / sales incentives, annual gifts, referrals, etc.

Works effectively for organizations with employee base ranging from a few hundreds to several thousands and varying budgets

Already powers the rewards and recognition programs of leading multinational organizations across Asia, Europe and North America

Easily configurable cloud-based solution reduces administrative overheads

cloud based

Requires no installation and minimum set up data

Company branding, Reward workflows, Budget management and Comprehensive ROI reporting

Easy and quick configuration based on organization requirements

Empowers frontline managers with allocated budget to reward team members easily

Unleashes the power of peer recognition and enhances employee experience

 peer recognition

Enables peer-to-peer rewards and recognition

Convenient online redemption of rewards from anywhere

Vast online redemption catalog including company brand store; ships anywhere globally through partner network

Assistance by Employee Helpdesk on phone and email

Employee Rewards and Recognition Best Practices

Share and learn about rewards and recognition best practices in the industry- supported by HiFives

Integrate employee rewards into the Total Reward framework

Total rewards framework includes several employment factors like benefits, compensation and work life facilities that can be strategically applied together to get the desired employee attraction, retention and motivation. Most employers around the globe see great value in integrating employee rewards into the total rewards framework. The basic of total rewards is about retaining employees…

Posted on 30 March 2015 | 6:02 am

Finding it tough to decide on employee rewards tools?

It is not unfair to say that if rewards or recognition offered to employees were altered, it would bring corresponding transformation in productivity, work motivation and satisfaction. Rewards is a wide concept that is increasingly being re-defined to encompass not just the traditional methods of compensating employees, but also newer aspects such as emotional and…

Posted on 27 March 2015 | 6:15 am

Are you losing out with no employee rewards program?

It is of utmost importance that organizations have an employee rewards program and they define the metrics for the same to achieve desirable outcomes.  Rewards program not only acknowledge employees for their loyalty but also help in developing a climate of appreciation. It can recognize good work and extra effort more often and in unique…

Posted on 20 March 2015 | 12:17 pm

Influence of Rewards on Employee Satisfaction

Motivated and satisfied employees are a very valuable asset to any organization. Rewards can create the much needed impact, especially for companies facing issues related to employee job performance and satisfaction. Studies show that rewards influence an enhanced level of job satisfaction. There are numerous changes in the business world today and every organization has…

Posted on 14 March 2015 | 3:45 pm

Design your Employee Rewards Program

Numerous surveys from around the world have consistently shown that most employees want more than just paycheck for their jobs. They want to feel safe and appreciated for the work to do. A good employee rewards and recognition program must provide employees with several other feel good aspects. An employee must feel that he or…

Posted on 22 February 2015 | 7:44 am

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