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Case Study: Employee Recognition at a Retail Company

Case Study of Employee Recognition at a Retail Company based in the Middle East. The company leverages the HiFives platform for managing its program.

Organization Profile

A well-known fashion retailer, headquartered in the Middle East with 100+ stores and 1000+ employees.

Workforce Profile

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The company has 1000+ employees, comprising store associates, store managers, marketing, merchandising, sourcing, and other functions

Program Objectives

How to Build an Effective Business Case for Employee Recognition

The objective of the company’s employee rewards and recognition program is to create a culture of recognition

1, Opportunity for line managers to reward and recognize their team members

2. Opportunity for employees to recognize each other

3. Mix of monetary and non-monetary recognition

4. Mix of instant and planned recognition

Program Details

Building a Culture of Appreciation through Employee Recognition

The program incorporates both monetary and non-monetary recognition, initiated by managers and peers. 

The framework also includes instant and planned recognition.

The Store Operations and the Office/ Functions have distinctly different recognition policies tailored to the specific business objectives and workforce profiles of the two units.

Employee Rewards and Recognition Program at a Retail Company

Platform Access

Work from Home

Employees can easily access the HiFives platform from desktop or mobile devices. 70% of the employees access the platform from their mobile devices, most of them from the Store Operations unit.

They can reset their passwords to their official/ registered email addresses.

Program Branding

The HiFives platform is configured with the branding of the program including the logo, theme colors, e-certificates, and all communication over email.

Recognition by Managers

Employee Appreciation

Function heads and store managers can nominate their team members for instant, monthly, and quarterly awards through the platform.

Thereafter, the respective HR business partners review and approve these nomination requests, in consultation with the senior management.

The employees receive personalized e-certificates over email.

Also, the employees get reward points in their accounts on the platform.

Recognition by Peers

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Also, any employee can recognize any other employee by selecting an appropriate e-card and personalizing it with a relevant message.

This form of informal recognition is non-monetary and does not require any approvals.

The recipient gets the e-card over email, with a copy to his or her reporting manager.

Employee Milestones


The HiFives platform automatically triggers birthday cards and work anniversary certificates to employees on their respective milestones.

Their immediate managers too are automatically notified over email.

Also, each work anniversary certificate is accompanied by a certain number of reward points, based on the number of years of service completed by the employee.

Categories of Employee Rewards and Recognition at a Retail Company Store Operations
Categories of Employee Rewards and Recognition at a Retail Company Office/ Functions

Employee Wellness Rewards

Wellness App

Employees can earn reward points on the company’s employee wellness app by participating in various wellness-related challenges and activities.

They have the option to transfer these points from the wellness app to the HiFives platform through an integration.



Employees earn reward points from various awards and wellness activities at the workplace.

The Leaderboard on the platform shows the top award winners, based on reward points across functions and store locations.

Social Visibility


All awards, peer recognition, and employee milestones are automatically posted on the Wall of Fame on the HiFives platform, where other employees can see and like the posts to congratulate the winners.

Redemption of Reward Points

Gift Cards

Also, employees can redeem their reward points for e-gift cards of 250+ leading brands of online shopping apps, retail stores, food and beverage services, and experiences.

They receive these e-gift cards over email.

Brands of Gift Cards Orders in Employee Rewards and Recognition Program at a Retail Company Store Operations
Brands of Gift Cards Orders in Employee Rewards and Recognition Program at a Retail Company Office/ Functions

Program Traction

Additionally, the HR team can monitor the key metrics of the program through various reports and analytics dashboards and take appropriate action required.

Metrics of Employee Rewards and Recognition Program at a Retail Company Store Operations
Metrics of Employee Rewards and Recognition Program at a Retail Company Office/ Functions

The key metrics of the program such as the percentage of employees recognized are compared across functions and store locations, and appropriate actions are taken.

The HiFives team also provides benchmarking of the key metrics of the company’s program against those of comparable companies.

Based on this benchmarking, suitable actions are taken.

Benchmaking of Employee Rewards and Recognition Program at a Retail Company

Program Impact

Determine What Systems Are Required

The company’s employee recognition program is delivering the following benefits:

1. A higher level of employee engagement

2. Building a culture of appreciation

3. Promoting organizational core values

Client Testimonial

The customer service is great and the platform is easy to use. – Senior HR Executive of the Company

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