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A Guide to Reinventing DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging)

A Guide to Reinventing DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging)

Organizations today need to take proactive measures to reinvent DIEB. This is essential for creating a more equitable and inclusive work environment where employees feel safe, empowered, and motivated to drive business growth and success.

Employee Referral Program

A Total Guide to Set up an Employee Referral Program

A well-developed, successfully launched, and efficiently managed employee referral program can help organizations hire potential candidates faster and a lower cost.

Is employee wellness a fad or necessity?

Is Employee Wellness A Fad Or Necessity?

It is clear that workplace health and wellness programs have received considerable attention post-covid, but an underlying question persists - is it a passing trend, or is it here to stay?

A Guide for organizations to ensure Diversity and Inclusiveness at the Workplace

Guide for Ensuring Diversity and Inclusiveness at Workplace

Building a diverse and multicultural workforce can provide organizations with greater business growth and competitive advantages.

6 effective strategies to improve employee retention

6 Effective Strategies to Improve Employee Retention

These 6 effective strategies to improve employee retention can positively impact the long term growth, productivity, and success of the organization.

Driving great customer experience through enhanced employee experience

Driving Customer Experience through Enhanced Employee Experience

Studies have clearly shown that the higher the satisfaction of the employees, the more they are motivated to enhance their effort to improve customer satisfaction.

8 Common Traits of Successful Employees in any Organization

8 Common Traits of Successful Employees in Any Organization

It is important for organizations to understand the 8 common traits of successful employees so that they can identify, hire and nurture such employees for higher business growth and profitability.

5 Signs of Disengaged Employees to be Watched

5 Signs of Disengaged Employees to be Watched

Organizations should look out for these usual signs of disengaged employees and take timely action to improve employee engagement levels in the organization.

5 Tips for organizations to keep their Work from Home Employees engaged

5 Tips to Engage ‘Work from Home’ Employees

The sudden changes in work scenarios have left most of the work from home employees confused and unclear, which is why organizations need to implement the right engagement strategies and keep them motivated and productive.

8 Common Traits of Successful Employees in any Organization

7 Traits Of Highly Engaged Employees In An Organization

Knowing the traits of highly engaged employees in an organization is important.
Identifying and rewarding them is key to promoting such behavior among other employees.


Is Gamification important for Learning & Development?

Gamification of employee learning and development programs is increasingly becoming key for organizations to enhance their business impact.

Everything you need to know about Employee Pulse Surveys

Everything You Need To Know About Employee Pulse Surveys

Employee Pulse Surveys are increasingly becoming vital tools for organizations looking to stay updated on what their employees are feeling.

Tips for effectively managing millennials at the workplace

4 Tips For Effectively Managing Millennials At The Workplace

Managing millennials at the workplace requires a clear understanding of their behaviours and aspirations. Organizations can leverage their strengths for driving business growth and profitability.

4 Effective Ways to Re-engage Disengaged Employees

4 Effective Ways to Re-engage Disengaged Employees

Organizations should re-engage disengaged employees and enhance overall employee engagement, productivity, and retention.

7 things that organizations need to do to engage their new hires

7 Things that Organizations Need to Do to Engage New Hires

One of the challenges organization is getting the new hires to “hit the ground running,” and get them up to speed with the organization's work environment, workflow processes, and culture.

Strategies for Promoting Work-Life Balance

4 Effective Ways to Promote Work-life Balance among Employees

The efforts made by employers to ensure a healthy work-life balance assures employees of being valued not just as an asset but also as a human being.
This can help in increasing the overall productivity and efficiency of the workforce.


What Should Organizations Do for Employee Motivation?

These measures can help in employee motivation so that they stay with the organization for longer and work harder to achieve the goals. This ultimately helps the organization achieve greater success.

Comprehensive Guide for Engaging a Multi-generation Workforce

Comprehensive Guide for Engaging a Multi-Generation Workforce

Ensuring consistently high levels of employee motivation is in itself a difficult task and it becomes even more challenging when the workforce comprises of multiple generations. However, with the right intent and methods, this objective of integrating and engaging a multi-generation workforce can be accomplished.

Pros and Cons of allowing Social Media usage at the workplace

Pros and Cons of allowing Social Media Usage at the Workplace

Social media, when used responsibly can boost employee motivation and performance in a significant manner.
This can be ensured only through a flexible but comprehensive social media policy.

5 Initiatives to Improve Employee Wellness at Work

5 Initiatives to Improve Employee Wellness at Work

Organizations are taking significant steps to improve employee wellness at the workplace ranging from fitness activities to medical help and nap rooms.
These initiatives can offer long-lasting benefits such as increased employee productivity and a deeper sense of loyalty.


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