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4 Tips For Effectively Managing Millennials At The Workplace

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4 Tips For Effectively Managing Millennials At The Workplace

Workplaces across the globe have been changing – one such significant change is the entry of millennials or those born in the late nineties or the new millennium.

With studies indicating that this generation is likely to comprise 75% of the workforce by 2025, it has become imperative for organizations to master the skill of effectively managing millennials at work.

However, studies also indicate that most organizations might not have sufficient knowledge and insights into how this generation behaves and operates in the work environment.

Hence, the task of managing millennials in the workplace becomes even more challenging for such organizations and can pose a risk to their overall productivity and growth.

What Makes Managing Millennials So Different?

The first and foremost thing that organizations need to understand and acknowledge is that millennials are significantly different from employees belonging to other generations.

They belong to an age group that has been born and brought up in an era of a technological revolution.


Unlike Gen Y and Gen Z who have experienced life both with and without modern technologies as they have grown up, for millennials technology is an integral part of life. This makes them innovative and tech-savvy.

At the same time, they have a strong competitive spirit which makes them desirous of excelling in whatever they do.

They can also be entitled, lazy, wilful, and even impatient, with unrealistic exceptions.   

Which Are The Effective Ways To Manage Millennials?

According to management experts, managing millennials at work is more about developing the right work environment.

Discussed below are a few effective strategies that organizations can find beneficial in this context:

1. Work Towards Developing Strong Organization Culture

2. Offer Great Work-life Balance

3. Invest In Effective Leadership And Guidance

4. Have An Effective Recognition Program

Effective Ways To Manage Millennials

1. Work Towards Developing Strong Organization Culture

Social Recognition as a Multiplier for Employee Recognition?

Unlike the professionals from earlier generations, millennials seek career opportunities that are meaningful and that go beyond immediate financial benefits.

They are passionate about their growth and development as well as that of the organization they work for.

Hence, they feel most happy and satisfied while working for organizations with strong work culture.

They feel that such organizations are likely to offer them the right opportunities to achieve, grow, and enhance their skills.

2. Offer Great Work-life Balance

Flexible Timings

As mentioned before, millennials are passionate about their work. However, they are equally passionate about living a fulfilling life outside their workplace.

That is why they feel more contented to work with organizations that offer a great work-life balance.

A large percentage of millennials prefer remote working setups or having flexible work schedules that provide better work-life balance.

Rather than being stuck inside the office, millennials want to make use of technology for remote working while enjoying their life.

3. Invest In Effective Leadership And Guidance


Additionally, it is a well-acknowledged fact that millennials have little tolerance for traditional authority structures.

However, this does not mean that they shun effective leadership and guidance.

Rather the people belonging to this generation want leaders who can mentor and guide them to improve their abilities.

Therefore they dislike leaders who are habituated to micro-managing their team; as it gives them minimal learning and development opportunities.

They are respectful of leaders who trust them and provide them with the requisite support only when sought.

4. Have An Effective Recognition Program

Enable Social Recognition for Innovators 

There is a visible generation gap between millennials and older professionals when it comes to recognition of their work and efforts.

Unlike their predecessors, millennials want timely and appropriate recognition from their organizations.

Organizations that lack an effective employee recognition program will most likely face trouble in effectively managing their millennial workforce.

Therefore, it makes them feel assured that their work is valued since their work is being appreciated by the people who matter the most.


Managing millennials in the workplace requires a clear understanding of their behaviors and aspirations. Organizations can leverage their strengths to drive business growth and profitability.

Sagar Chaudhuri

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