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7 Ways HR Software Can Support Your Remote Workers

7 Ways HR Software can Support your Remote Workers

HR Software can support your Remote Workers in many ways.
It has tools and functions to streamline communication between employees, monitor their performance and attendance, boost their engagement, and build a strong work culture virtually.

Employee Wellness Ideas for Work from Home

Employee Wellness Ideas for Work from Home

These Employee Wellness ideas for Work from Home can help organizations ensure the well-being of their remote working employees.
They also ensure that they continue to be productive and are able to contribute to the business growth.

5 Best Tips to Enhance Productivity of Virtual Meetings

5 Best Tips to Enhance Productivity of Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings have become an integral part of business operations for most organizations, especially during this pandemic. Given their significant advantages, they need to enhance the productivity of virtual meetings for higher business impact.

How can organizations handle layoffs more effectively?

A Comprehensive Guide to Managing Layoffs

This comprehensive guide to managing layoffs can help organizations minimize the impact of it for their employees and for themselves – they can maintain the respect, morale, and support of the remaining members of their workforce while making the situation less traumatic for the employees being laid off.

Performance and Productivity of Work from Home Employees

Ensuring Performance and Productivity of Work from Home Employees

Work from home can be a double-edged sword for many organizations; if managed properly the performance and productivity of work from home employees can be maintained at reasonably high levels.

A Guide to Building Workplace Culture in Virtual Environments

A Guide to Building Workplace Culture in Virtual Environments

Organizations can benefit greatly by considering this guide for building workplace culture in virtual environments for enhancing their profitability and business success.

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Employee Engagement Strategies To Fight The ‘Great Resignation’

Implementing these employee engagement strategies can go a long way in boosting workforce morale and making them feel valued by their employers, resulting in better retention and countering this trend of ‘Great Resignation’.

Re-opening Offices post-COVID-19

Checklist for Re-opening Offices post-COVID

Organizations looking at reopening their workplaces for employees post COVID-19 need to carefully plan and implement the necessary processes to minimize the health and safety risks to employees.

Comprehensive Guide for Implementing Work from Home effectively

Comprehensive Guide for Implementing Work from Home Effectively

Implementing work from home may pose certain challenges for organizations; however, if planned and managed well, it can yield several long term business benefits for the organizations as well as for the employees.

Is employee wellness a fad or necessity?

Is Employee Wellness A Fad Or Necessity?

It is clear that workplace health and wellness programs have received considerable attention post-covid, but an underlying question persists - is it a passing trend, or is it here to stay?

Work from Home might be the New Normal Post-COVID

Work from Home might be the New Normal Post-COVID

Clearly, there are distinct and quantifiable advantages of remote working for the employees as well as for the organizations.
Implemented in the right way, work from home has the potential to become of the biggest wins for organizations and integral to their business strategies.

Changing Role of HR in the post-COVID-19 Workplace

Changing Role of HR in the Post-COVID-19 Workplace

The post-COVID world for HR professionals is likely to see new challenges that require fresh thinking, new approaches and significant learning to keep pace with these changes in the workplace.

4 Tips to Maximize the Productivity of Work from Home Employees

4 Tips to Maximize the Productivity of Work from Home Employees

Work from Home can be a powerful tool for organizations; they can keep in mind a few simple guidelines to help employees maximize their productivity while working from home.

Re-opening Offices post-COVID-19

Importance of Employee Recognition during difficult times

Employee Recognition during difficult times, especially in a timely and effective manner can help organizations get the support, dedication and commitment of their employees.

Empathy among Remote Co-workers is the Need of the Hour

Empathy among Remote Co-workers is the Need of the Hour

In this current situation, empathy among remote co-workers is the need of the hour to drive collaboration and teamwork.

How to make Employee Recognition Fun and Wacky

Creating A Culture Of Digital Recognition In The Organization

Such best practices can make the process of digital recognition a key part of the organizational culture. This in turn can boost employee happiness and motivation, and enhance the overall performance of the organization.

Effective tips for remote management of teams in times of social distancing

5 Effective Tips for Remote Management of Teams

Under these challenging conditions, it is critical that frontline managers and team leaders quickly learn the skills of remote management of teams and to maximize their productivity.


Long-term Impact Of Pandemic On The Workplace

Organizations too will have a lot to learn from this, which will impact how they run and manage their businesses in the future and how their workplaces operate.
The long-term impact of Corona Virus pandemic on the workplace will be significant.

Effective Employee Engagement Strategies for Back-to-office Workforce

Employee Engagement Strategies For Back-to-office Workforce

Organizations need to devise effective employee engagement strategies for their back-to-office workforce to enhance their motivation, commitment and belongingness and drive greater business results.

An HR Guide to Mindfulness at work

An HR Guide To Mindfulness At Work

Mindfulness at work is an effective way to create a low stress, highly productive and positive work environment. Given its benefits, organizations need to effectively promote its practice among the workforce.


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