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How Organizations are fighting to support Employees during COVID

How Organizations are Fighting to Support Employees during COVID

Corporate organizations are pulling out all stops to help and support their employees and their families through the current COVID crisis in India.

A Guide to Organizing a Virtual Employee Awards Ceremony

A Guide to Organizing a Virtual Employee Awards Ceremony

Given the current situation, it is important for organizations to get a grasp of how to organize a virtual employee awards ceremony effectively.
It can help organizations boost the morale and motivation of their workforce without compromising their health and safety.

7 Strategies for Organizations to Motivate their Remote Workforce

7 Strategies for Organizations to Motivate their Remote Workforce

These are the 7 strategies for organizations to their motivate remote workforce and get higher employee productivity and performance, which in turn can help in business growth during these challenging times.

Top Management

7 Key Responsibilities for Business Leaders in 2021

The key responsibilities for business leaders in 2021 would be centered on driving business growth for the organization while balancing it employee wellbeing.


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