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How Organizations are Fighting to Support Employees during COVID

Considered one of the worst health emergencies, the ongoing COVID crisis has impacted millions of people globally. Amid this healthcare nightmare, organizations do whatever they can to support employees during COVID-19.

Key Challenges Being Faced by Employees

Key Challenges being faced by Employees

1. Shortage of Medical Facilities


With nearly half a million getting infected daily, there is a massive shortage of hospital beds, ICUs, oxygen, medicines, etc.

Hence, employees and their families are getting infected by COVID and are unable to get access to timely medical treatment.

2. Lack of Availability of Accurate Information

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Employees are finding it difficult to find accurate information about the availability of hospital beds and medical supplies.

They are also trying to grapple with the entire process of prevention, testing, treatment, and recovery.

Hence, affected employees and their families are running around to get the correct information.

It causes panic and distress and often delays treatment and sometimes even the death of the patient.

3. Financial Impact

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The costs of medical treatment, especially in private facilities, are significant.

Employees who have been infected or whose family members have been infected are often struggling with the financial implications of the treatment and recovery.

Also, families of employees who succumb to COVID-19 are likely to go through severe financial distress.

What can Organizations do to Provide Support to Employees during COVID-19?

Organizations have responded to the current COVID crisis with great alacrity and are working on a war footing to provide support to their employees.

Here are some of the ways organizations are trying to support their employees through this COVID crisis:

1. Set up Employee Helpdesk

Advent of Customer-driven Employee Rewards System

With the country’s healthcare system overwhelmed by the growing caseload, 

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2. Provide Home Treatment and Remote Doctor Consultation

Remote Consultation

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3. Set up COVID Care Facilities

Covid Facility

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4. Modify the Sick Leave Policy

Sick Leave

Most organizations are providing additional paid leave to employees who have tested COVID positive and require treatment. 

5. Create Testing and Vaccination Programs


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6. Provide Special Insurance Coverage and Financial Assistance


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Corporate organizations are pulling out all stops to help and support their employees  and their families through the current COVID crisis in India.

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