COVID-19 Resources for HR Management

HiFives COVID-19 Resources for HR Management covering best practices of work from home, employee engagement, employee health and safety at the workplace, remote team management, etc.

7 Ways HR Software Can Support Your Remote Workers

7 Ways HR Software can support your Remote Workers

HR Software can support your Remote Workers in many ways.
It has tools and functions to streamline communication between employees, monitor their performance and attendance, boost their engagement, and build a strong work culture virtually.

Employee Wellness Ideas for Work from Home

Employee Wellness Ideas for Work from Home

These Employee Wellness ideas for Work from Home can help organizations ensure the well-being of their remote working employees.
They also ensure that they continue to be productive and are able to contribute to the business growth.

5 Best Tips to Enhance Productivity of Virtual Meetings

5 Best Tips to Enhance Productivity of Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings have become an integral part of business operations for most organizations, especially during this pandemic. Given their significant advantages, they need to enhance the productivity of virtual meetings for higher business impact.

How can organizations handle layoffs more effectively?

A Comprehensive Guide to Managing Layoffs

This comprehensive guide to managing layoffs can help organizations minimize the impact of it for their employees and for themselves – they can maintain the respect, morale, and support of the remaining members of their workforce while making the situation less traumatic for the employees being laid off.

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