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70 Innovative Award Names for Employee Recognition (part 2)

Innovative award names are essential to maximize employee rewards and recognition programs’ benefits.

In fact, as per data, acknowledging employee achievements impacts the organization’s performance, to the tune of 55% on productivity and 25% on the business outcomes.

Several points need to be considered to develop a strong employee recognition program. One of them, which often does not get the necessary attention, is the name of the awards.

Enable Social Recognition for Innovators 

Obviously, a lot depends on the name – good, innovative and engaging names can make a difference to the outcomes of recognition programs.

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However, deciding on innovative award names is not an easy task.

So, we have compiled a list of innovative, interesting, engaging, and catchy names for each award category that can be used for your organization’s employee recognition program.

Innovative Award Names

1. Choosing Innovative Names for the Spot Awards

Innovative Award Names

Spot awards are usually given to employees who have achieved something great at work.

These are not pre-planned or pre-decided but given when line managers observe a significant over-achievement.

2. Choosing Innovative Names for Team Recognition

HiFives Employee Rewards Platform

Unquestionably, building a team and taking it to the next level is critical for all organizations.

When teams achieve significant milestones, recognizing them by giving awards with unique and catchy names can raise the team morale and performance to the next level.

3. Choosing Innovative Names for Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Integrating Employee Recognition with the Organizational Culture

Peer recognition enables employees to thank their colleagues for the support that they have received or to highlight a small but significant achievement that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.

4. Choosing Innovative Names for Business Impact Awards

Integrate Reward and Recognition with Innovation Efforts

5. Choosing Innovative Names for Consistent Performance Awards

Employer Branding

6. Choosing Innovative Names for Long Service Awards

Top Management Role in Employee Rewards and Recognition

Some employees dedicate a significant part of their lives and careers to support the organization and its goals.

Thus, recognizing their dedication and spirit is paramount for the organization.


An employee recognition program with innovative awards names cannot be complete without an innovative name of the program itself that is in sync with the award names.

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So, organizations should develop innovative and engaging names for their employee rewards and recognition programs.

These names should be reflective of the culture of the organization and should stick in the minds of the employees.

Hence, getting such an award should make the employee feel special for a long time. So, it’s worth the effort!

Sagar Chaudhuri

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