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150 Innovative Names for Employee Recognition Programs

Firstly, a well-designed and implemented employee recognition program should be able to capture the interest of the employees and motivate them to participate in the program. In fact, one of the first steps in this context is to give it an appropriate name that employees can relate to. So, to make this process simpler and quicker for organizations, we have put together a list of 150 innovative names for employee recognition programs that they can choose from.

So, What’s in a Name?

Evidently, to make the recognition program truly interesting for employees to sit up and take notice, it should have a name that stands out. Hence, organizations need to invest some time and effort in coming up with a unique name for the recognition program.

Actually, studies have shown that over 70% of the employees across organizations believe that an interesting program name is indicative of how interesting the program is likely to be.

So, how to decide on the name for an employee recognition program?

Sometimes, selecting an appropriate name for an employee recognition program can often prove to be a challenging task. This is because the program name is likely to act as the first element of communication of the program.

Organizations can consider the following points while deciding on the best names for their employee recognition programs:

 deciding on the best names for their employee recognition programs:

1. Firstly, Create Emotional Connect

In fact, the name of the program, just like the brand name should create an emotional connect with the employees like a sense of aspiration, achievement or fulfilment. It could relate to terms from sports or adventure such as ‘Aces’, ‘Extra-milers’, ‘Bravo’, ‘Cheers’ or Shine’.

Also, the program name itself can be a source of motivation and excitement for the employees as they can relate to it. Also, different cross-cultural nuances should be considered to avoid offending any segment of the employees

2. Make it Meaningful and Relevant

Also, the program name should be in sync with the other elements of the program including the objectives, names of recognition, criteria and even the visual aspects of it. For example, a program name such as ‘Extra-milers’ or ‘Above and Beyond’ immediately creates an image of a program that focuses on performance beyond designated goals.

Also, if the program incorporates significant elements of peer-to-peer recognition then it is advisable that the program name is a little more information such as ‘Wow’, ‘X-Factors’, or ‘Hurray’.  

The program name should also gel with the corporate brand and organizational culture.

3. Keep it Simple, Catchy and Unique

Moreover, is important that employees can easily recall the program name. Hence, the name should be decided to keep in mind the demographic and cultural profile of the workforce.

For example, a program name such as ‘Hall of Fame’ or ‘Achievers Club’ might do well in an organization with a more mature workforce whereas names such as ‘Transformers’ or ‘Rockstars’ might do better for an organization that has the younger workforce. 

However, choosing a name that is easy to understand, pronounce, and remember is highly advisable. Similarly keeping the names short and concise is likely to provide more positive results than having longer and complicated program names.

4. Link it to the Corporate Brand

Establishing a linkage with the corporate brand (as a prefix or suffix) can help integrate the recognition program with other organizational initiatives; rather than being seen as something standalone. 

For example, program names such as ‘IBM Heroes’, ‘Microsoft Aces’, ‘Bravo Infoscions’ or ‘Wow Wipro-ites’ might add a stronger organizational connect to the program.

5. Invite Suggestions from Employees       

Involving the employees to come up with suggestions for the program name is a very good way to not only get creative and innovative ideas but to engage them in the implementation of the program itself.

Employees who come up with good suggestions can be incentivized or recognized during the launch of the program, further increasing their engagement levels with the program.

Examples of Innovative Names for Employee Recognition Programs

So, we have put together this list of 150 program names to make it easier for organizations to decide on the best possible names for their programs.

One word names tend to work best but they are harder to come up with. Two or three-word names can do well but one should be careful not to make it too long and difficult to recall.

In fact, organizations can prefix or suffix their corporate brand to the suggested names as required. Also, organizations whose brand names start with ‘I’ can leverage the ‘i’ in their program names (as a prefix).

One-Word Names

1. Aces


3. Actualizers

4. Actuators

5. Applause

6. Appreciate

7. Aspire

8. Attain

9. Badges

10. Blockbuster

11. Bravo!

12. Caps

13. Catalysts

14. Celebrate

15. Celebrations

16. Chargers

17. Cheers!

18. Diamonds

19. Doers

20. Dynamos

21. Evangelists

22. Extra-milers

23. Feathers

24. Finishers

25. Gems

26. Go-getters

27. Gratitude

28. Hard-hitters

29. Heroes

30. HiFives

31. Highfliers

32. Hurray!

33. Jewels

34. Kudos

35. Leap

36. Leapfrog

37. Limelight

38. Maestros

39. Ninjas

40. Ovation

41. Overachievers

42. Pacesetters

43. Pathfinders

44. Pinnacle

45. Propel

46. Recognize

47. Rise

48. Rockstars

49. Salute

50. Shine

51. Snipers

52. Spark

53. Sparkle

54. Spotlight

55. Sprint

56. Stars

57. Strikers

58. Strive

59. Summit

60. Superheroes

61. Superstars

62. Surge

63. Thanks

64. Trailblazers

65. Transformers

66. Upsurge

67. Value

68. Vault

69. Virtuosos

70. Wings

71. Workstars

72. Wow!

73.  X-Factors

Two-Word Names

1. Acers Club

2. Aces Club

3. Achievers Circle

4. Achievers Club

5. Action Heroes

6. All Champs

7. All Stars

8. Big Fish

9. Big Guns

10. Big Shot

11. Bright Stars

12. Champions Club

13. Champions League

14. Extramilers Club

15. Extraordinary Performers

16. Five Stars

17. Game Changers 

18. Gold Standard    

19. Gold Stars

20. Greater Heights

21. High Achievers

22. High Fives

23. High Flyers

24. High Impact

25. Higher Echelon

26. Higher Level

27. Honor Club

28. Hot Shots

29. Key Drivers

30. Leading Lights

31. Master Blasters

32. Mega Stars

33. Mountain Movers

34. MVP Club

35. Next Level

36. Outstanding Achievers

37. Premier League

38. Shinning Stars

39. Special Mention

40. Standing Ovation

41. Super Achievers

42. Super Heroes

43. Super Performers

44. Super Squad

45. Three Cheers

46. Thumbs Up

47. Top Brass

48. Top Guns

49. Top Performers

50. Top Scorers

51. Winners Circle

52. Work Champs

53. Work Oscars

54. Workplace Heroes

55. Workplace Rockstars

56. World Beaters

Three-Word Names

1. Above and Beyond

2. Champions at Work

3. Circle of Excellence

4. Five Star Club

5. Hall of Fame

6. League of Achievers

7. League of Heroes

8. Movers and Shakers

9. Round of Applause

10. Legends of Work

Names starting with ‘i‘

1. iApplaud

2. iAppreciate

3. iAspire

4. iCelebrate

5. iCheer

6. iRecognize

7. iShine

8. iStar

9. iThank

10. iValue

11. iLeap

Hence, organizations should complement innovative program names with innovative and creative names for the awards or recognition policies themselves.

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Hence, organizations need to invest time and effort to come up with innovative names for employee recognition programs as one of the first steps towards developing an effective employee recognition program.

Hence, a unique, innovative, and relevant program name is likely to generate more interest and engagement in the program from the employees.

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