Back to the Basics: The Importance of Employee Recognition

Importance of Employee Recognition

Organizations need to clearly understand the importance of employee recognition for their business success.
They need to develop effective programs that are aligned with their business objectives and the needs of their workforce.

A Complete Guide to Recognizing Customer Service Representatives

How to Recognize Customer Support Representatives?

Recognizing customer service representatives should be high on every organization’s agenda.
They form a critical part of the workforce that can make or break the customer experience, which in turn can play a key role in the growth and success of the business.

How Does Employee Recognition Impact Business?

Employee Recognition Impact Business

Organizations can develop employee recognition programs that are aligned to their business objectives, organizational culture and workforce profile; and drive the desired results.

Employee Rewards and Recognition for Sales Team

Employee Rewards and Recognition for Sales Organization

A well-defined and properly thought-through rewards and recognition program can ensure a higher level of satisfaction and motivation of their sales representatives and deliver business impact well beyond just sales incentives!

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Set up an Employee Recognition Program

Significance of a Good Employee Recognition Program

This step-by-step guide on how to set up an employee recognition program is based on best practices from organizations that have successfully implemented employee recognition programs for building a work culture that promotes innovation, performance and business growth.

70 Innovative Award Names for Employee Recognition (part 2)

Innovative Award Names

Organizations should come up with innovative and engaging names for their employee rewards and recognition programs.

The Magic of Employee Recognition

The Magic of Employee Recognition

Employee recognition is both an art and a science that helps build a culture of appreciation within the organization.
This will ensure that employees think and act beyond their goal sheets and appraisals.

Companies with the Best Employee Recognition Programs

Organizations with Excellent Recognition Programs

Looking at the various employee recognition programs running in these highly rated companies, it is clear that linking the organization’s strategy and values to a successful recognition program is the key to success in the highly competitive markets. 

All you need to know about Award Certificates

Types of Award Certificates

The award certificate represents the acknowledgement of the employee’s performance and efforts by the organization. At the same time, is aspirational and makes the employee feel valued and special.

Measuring the Success of Employee Recognition Programs

Measuring the Success of Employee Recognition Programs

Measuring success of employee recognition programs is critical to assess the return on investment in them. It also helps in improving these programs in terms of employee experience.