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Case Study: Employee Recognition at a Global Tech Company

Case Study of Employee Recognition at a Global Tech Company, headquartered in USA. The company leverages the HiFives platform to implement its program.

Organization Profile

A global technology consulting and services company in data engineering, analytics, machine learning and user experience consulting and development.

Workforce Profile

The company has 800+ employees, comprising of software engineers, analysts, project managers, tech architects and sales persons based in US, Canada, Mexico and India.

Program Objectives

The company was looking at building a more rewarding culture based on the following principles::

– Inspire and encourage progressive performers

– Promote trust and respect

– Facilitate and supports change

– Promote peer-to-peer recognition

– Drive employees to give their best

– Create a positive work environment

Program Details

The program leverages a comprehensive framework for rewards and recognition consisting of both monetary and non-monetary recognition, initiated by managers and peers. The framework covers recognition at different frequencies – instant, quarterly and annual. It also includes recognition for demonstrating core values of the organization.

Platform Access

Employees can access the HiFives platform from the Slack channel through a single sign-on (SSO) process, integrated with their Google Workspace accounts, without using separate credentials.

Program Branding

The HiFives platform is configured with the branding of the program including the logo, theme colors, e-certificates and all communication on email and Slack.

Manager Recognition

Team leads, project managers and business heads can nominate their team members for spot recognition, quarterly and bi-annual awards through the platform. Thereafter, these nomination requests are reviewed and approved by respective HR managers, in consultation with the senior management.

Once the awards are approved and released, employees receive personalized e-certificates over email. Also, the reward points are credited to employee accounts on the platform.

Peer Recognition

Also, any employee can recognize any other employee by selecting an appropriate e-card and personalizing it with a relevant message. In fact, this form of informal recognition is non-monetary and do not require any approvals. The recipient gets the e-card over email, with a copy to his or her reporting manager.

Value Recognition

Co-workers can recognize others for demonstrating the core values of the company using value cards. The HR managers can also nominate employees for value awards each quarter. In fact, these value awards are monetary and are accompanied by a certain number of reward points.

Rewards and Recognition Categories at a Global Tech Company

Employee Milestones

The HiFives platform automatically triggers birthday cards and work anniversary certificates to employees on their respective milestones. Their immediate managers too are automatically notified over email. Also, each work anniversary certificate is accompanied with a certain number of reward points, based on the number of years of service completed by the employee.

Employee Engagement

Various employee engagement activities are conducted on the platform on occasions such as International Women’s Day, Men’s Day, Thanksgiving, World Gratitude Day, etc. Employees recognize each other with e-cards specifically customized for the occasion.

They receive reward points for participating in various offline activities such as quizzes, blogging and hackathons. They can also share pictures and videos of these activities on the platform through the Stories module.


Employees earn reward points from different awards as well as various contests and activities at the workplace. The Leaderboard on the platform shows the top winners, based on reward points across teams and locations.

Social Visibility

All awards, peer recognition and employee milestones are automatically posted on the Wall of Fame on the HiFives platform and also on the Slack channel, where other employees can see and like the posts to congratulate the winners.

Global Redemption

Also, employees can redeem their reward points for e-gift cards of leading brands. Employees can choose from a catalogue of e-gift cards of hundreds of reputed brands, specific to the country they are based. They receive these e-gift cards over email.

Brands of Gift Cards ordered at a Global Tech Company

Program Traction

Additionally, reports and analytics dashboards enable the HR team to monitor the key metrics of the program and take appropriate action to drive traction in the program.

Key Metrics of Employee Recognition Program at a Global Tech Company

The key metrics of the program such as percentage of employees recognized are compared across different business units and locations, and appropriate actions are planned.

Recognition across business units at a Global Tech Company
Recognition across countries at a Global Tech Company

Program Impact

The employee recognition program, powered by HiFives is helping the company in several ways:

Enhancing collaboration and recognition across global teams

Driving an higher level of employee engagement

Building a culture of appreciation

Promoting organizational core values

Client Testimonial

We are having a fantastic experience with HiFives. Employees and their Managers are getting what they want and that too in the most simple yet efficient way. (HR Manager of the Company)

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HiFives (https://www.hifives.in) is an employee rewards, recognition and engagement SaaS platform that enables organizations to digitize, automate and transform their employee experience. The platform enables supervisors and co-workers to nominate, recognize and reward employees using a points-based system. Budget management, jury-based evaluation and multi-level approval workflows are built into the platform. HiFives has social features such as a wall of fame and gamification features such as leaderboards, e-certificates and digital badges. It also has a global redemption system with country-specific e-gift card options. HiFives integrates with all leading HRMS systems, Office 365, Google Workspace, MS Teams, Slack and other popular tools used at the workplace. HiFives is used by many large enterprises, small businesses and startups across 25+ countries in the world, in many industries including manufacturing, retail, technology, financial services and media.