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Case Study: Employee Recognition at a Manufacturing Company

Case Study of Employee Recognition at a Manufacturing Company with over 10,000 employees in 15 countries. The company utilizes the HiFives platform to implement its program.

Organization Profile

An Indian multinational consumer and industrial paints company. It is one of the most admired companies in India and a very well-known brand.

Workforce Profile

Factory Worker

The company has 10,000+ employees across 100+ locations in 15 countries

Program Objectives

Long Service Award

The company seeks to build an integrated and seamless employee rewards and recognition program spanning all units and locations.

It aims to create a culture of recognition across the organization.

Program Details

The program covers monetary and non-monetary recognition initiated by supervisors and co-workers.

It also includes celebrating employee milestones such as birthdays and work anniversaries, rewards for process improvement ideas, and for participation in wellness activities.

Platform Access

Employees can access the HiFives platform from the company’s intranet portal through a single sign-on (SSO) process, integrated with their Office 365 accounts, without using separate credentials.

Employee Data Update

The employee data in HiFives is updated through an integration with Success Factors, the company’s global HRMS.

Program Branding

The HiFives platform is configured with the branding of the program including the logo, theme colors, e-certificates, and communication over email.

Manager Recognition

Why Points-Based System Works Best For Employee Rewards And Recognition

Any people manager can nominate other employees for spot awards through the platform.

Eligibility criteria for both the nominator and the nominee are based on their respective pay grades.

If the reporting manager nominates his or her direct report, the award gets released instantly.

If a manager nominates an employee other than his or her direct report, the nomination must be approved by the reporting manager of that employee before it can be released.

On the release of the awards, employees receive personalized e-certificates over email. Also, the reward points are credited to the employee accounts in HiFives.

Peer-to-Peer Recognition


Also, any employee can recognize any other employee using a ‘Thank You’ or ‘Job Well Done’ e-card and personalizing it with a relevant message.

This recognition is non-monetary and does not require any approvals.

Also, the recipient gets the e-card by email, with a copy sent to his or her reporting manager.

Employee Recognition by Categories in a Manufacturing Company

Employee Milestones

The HiFives platform automatically triggers birthday cards and work anniversary certificates to employees on their respective milestones.

Their immediate managers are also automatically notified over email.

Employee Wellness

5 Initiatives to Improve Employee Wellness at Work

Also, rewards and recognition for various employee wellness initiatives across the company are given through the platform.

Employees receive reward points for participating in these wellness initiatives.



Employees earn reward points from spot awards and various wellness activities at the workplace.

The Leaderboard on the platform shows the top winners based on reward points across units and locations.

Social Visibility


All awards, peer recognition, and employee milestones are automatically posted on the HiFives platform’s Wall of Fame.

They also get posted on the company’s intranet (through an API integration), where other employees can see and like the posts to congratulate the winners.

Reward Points Redemption

Gift Cards

Also, employees can redeem their reward points for e-gift cards from leading brands.

Employees can choose from a catalog of e-gift cards from several hundred reputed brands.

They receive these e-gift cards over email.

Redemption by Brands in a Manufacturing Company

Program Traction

Additionally, the HR team utilizes the reports and analytics dashboards to monitor the program’s key metrics and take appropriate action to drive traction.

Key Metrics of Employee Recognition Program in a Manufacturing Company
Manager and Peer Recognition in a Manufacturing Company

The program’s key metrics, such as the percentage of employees recognized, are compared across different business units and locations, and appropriate actions are planned.

Program Impact

Measuring the Success of Employee Recognition Programs

This employee recognition program through HiFives delivers multiple benefits to the company:

1. Ensures timely/ instant recognition of employee achievements across locations

2. Empowers managers to recognize their team members without additional approvals

3. Creates a streamlined process of recognition with minimal administrative overheads

4. Building a culture of appreciation across the organization globally

Client Testimonial

HiFives provides a great employee engagement experience. The platform is user-friendly and easy to use and has exceptional customer support. – Assistant Manager, Administration of the Company

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