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Employee Rewards and Recognition

R&R tool

Would you Build your own Internal R&R tool?

Well, you might especially if you are a large technology company and you can spare a few tech resources for 6 months or so, you might be able to build your own in-house R&R tool complete with different award types

employee rewards and recognition

Rewards and Recognition – Winner takes all! Is it fair?

Rewards and Recognition is an integral part of every organization’s HR policy. What started off as the management’s expression of appreciation of a job well done has evolved quite a bit and acquired the overall flavor of an organization culture

employee rewards and recognition

What’s the Best Form of Employee Rewards?

Employee rewards in modern day organizations have been evolving over the years – it has become more of an art than a science. Gone are those days where employees were happy receiving trophies and consumer durables. Organizations have tried everything

Failure of employee rewards and recognition program

Why do Employee Rewards and Recognition Programs fail?

Employee rewards and recognition programs in organizations are generally launched with a great deal of fanfare with top-level executive involvement. These programs are envisioned to transform the organizational culture and are supposed to do wonders for employee motivation. The key

Employee Engagement

Organizational Culture

Performance Management

Other HR Topics

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