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Automated Performance Appraisals –The Rise of the Machines

Automated Performance Assessment –The Rise of the Machines

April 20, 2018: It’s the Judgement Day today in Sparrow Solutions today – the annual appraisal ratings will be released in the organization today. For most employees, it’s the day when their efforts throughout the year will be recognized and

Disruptive New HR Tech That Can Boost Employee Engagement

Disruptive New HR Tech That Can Boost Employee Engagement

The modern HR mission has shifted to focus on putting people first and employee engagement has become the yardstick of HR performance. The good news is disruptive HR technologies are redefining HR from recruitment to employee feedback—and finally making strides

employee of the month

Employee of the Month? Pros and Cons

The Employee of the Month– a term everyone knows about and everyone is striving to get at least once. After all, who does not like recognition? We all are fond of being praised and appreciated by others, didn’t we all

R&R tool

Would you build your own internal R&R tool?

Well, you might especially if you are a large technology company and you can spare a few tech resources for 6 months or so, you might be able to build your own in-house R&R tool complete with different award types