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Employee Rewards and Recognition

Employee Rewards Program – the Devil is in the Execution!

Employee Rewards Program – the Devil is in the Execution!

It is not just enough to design great employee rewards programs; knowing and overcoming the various challenges that hinder the efficient execution of such a program is the key to ensuring their long-term success and delivering the expected return on investment for the organization.

Why ‘Cash is not the King’ when it comes to Employee Rewards

Why ‘Cash is not the King’ when it comes to Employee Rewards

Traditionally, regarded as a ‘no-brainer’ form of reward, cash rewards are falling out of favor of employees, reducing their impact on employee motivation. It is time for organizations to move away from the tradition of cash rewards and consider adopting more diverse forms of non-monetary rewards that are likely to be more effective in driving employee motivation.

Why Build Internal Tool for Employee Rewards and Recognition

Why Build Internal Tool for Employee Rewards and Recognition

Taking a balanced view of things; while in the short run it might make sense to go ahead and build your own employee rewards and recognition tool especially if you have the available resources, but in the long run, it might not turn out to be such a wise investment.

Complete Guide to ‘Employee of the Month’ Award

Complete Guide to ‘Employee of the Month’ Award

The employee of the month is a recognition given to an outstanding performer. It may be in a form of gift, Gift certificate or a certificate with Thank you note. Some organizations have a wall of fame and the picture and name of the outstanding performer are put up there.

Employee Engagement

Best team building activities for employee engagement

4 Best Teambuilding Activities for Employee Engagement

Selecting the right team-building activities is important to employee engagement and ultimately the success of a business. The above ideas can be used as a guide, but organizations should always experiment with other ideas as well.

Simple strategies for organizations to boost employee engagement

5 Simple Strategies for Organizations to Boost Employee Engagement

Implementing the simple strategies above can positively impact employee engagement and create a progressive work environment. Even though none of these ideas is exactly new, they need a certain level of commitment and initiative from the organization to drive the desired results.

Effective strategies for organizations to improve workforce engagement

5 Effective Strategies to Improve Employee Engagement

reating a workplace where the employees are highly engaged and motivated can ensure greater benefits for both the business and the individual members of the workforce. The strategies discussed above can go a long way in creating such a work environment and providing a major competitive advantage to the business.

A comprehensive guide to employee engagement surveys

Comprehensive Guide to Employee Engagement Surveys

The term employee engagement is being used extensively in business circles for more than two decades now. Organizations define employee engagement as the level of emotional connectivity or the sense of commitment that employees feel towards the organization. However, most

Organizational Culture

An essential guide to building a great organizational culture

An Essential Guide to Building a Great Organizational Culture

Organizational culture can deeply influence critical business metrics such as productivity, employee engagement and commitment. That is why it is important for organizations to work towards developing a great organization culture that matches their business values and objectives.

What is toxic workplace culture and the best ways to avoid it

What is Toxic Workplace Culture and Ways to Avoid it

Fostering a harmonious working environment is the key to avoiding the catastrophic consequences associated with the toxic work culture and the aforementioned tips can prove helpful for organizations in this context.

Performance Management

Other HR Topics

5 Signs of Disengaged Employees that organization must stay alert to

5 Signs of Disengaged Employees to be Watched

Organizations need to stay alert to these signs of disengagement among employees and take timely action to reverse the trend and actually improve employee engagement levels in the organization.

5 Initiatives to Improve Employee Wellness at Work

5 Initiatives to Improve Employee Wellness at Work

Organizations are taking significant steps to improve employee wellness at the workplace ranging from fitness activities to medical help and nap rooms. above steps to improve employee wellness can offer long-lasting benefits to organizations in the form of increased employee productivity and a deeper sense of loyalty. These initiatives assure the employees that they are much valued by their organizations.

Tips for effectively managing millennials at the workplace

4 Tips for Effectively Managing Millennials at the Workplace

Managing millennials at the workplace might not be as daunting a challenge for organizations provided they have a clear understanding of behaviour and aspirations. Organizations can, in fact, benefit extensively by utilizing the strengths of this generation to their own advantage

5 Tips for organizations to keep their Work from Home Employees engaged

5 Tips to Engage the Work from Home Employees

The sudden changes in work scenarios have left most of the work from home employees confused and unclear, which is why organizations need to implement the right engagement strategies and keep them motivated and productive.

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