10 Best Messages for Recognizing Employee Performance

Employee appreciation and recognition help to create an engaged and dedicated workforce, which in turn contributes to business growth. To get the best results in the form of enhanced employee motivation and performance, it is important for organizations to learn and use the right language of recognition. In fact, the appropriate messages for recognizing employee performance is almost as important as choosing the right method of recognition or even the best way of presenting it to the deserving employees.

Need for Appreciation Messages

Most employees are in search of stable and fulfilling jobs where they can contribute towards organizational success in a positive manner.

Thanking the employees using rightly worded appreciation messages can help to improve their sense of job satisfaction and self-worth. Showing gratitude to the employees helps in keeping the employees really motivated and happy.

When they feel valued for their work and contribution, the employees are likely to give their best to ensure the fulfilment of organizational goals. These small tokens of appreciation help in strengthening the trust played by the employees in the organization and motivate them to play a constructive role in business success and growth.

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Examples of Appreciation Messages

When it comes to writing appreciation messages, the managers and supervisors often find themselves at a loss of words. The fact that they are unable to differentiate various scenarios in which such messages would prove most effective further complicates things for them.

Correct messaging is absolutely necessary for appreciating the employees and motivate them to the maximum. A few such common situations are given below along with examples of messages relevant to each:

Appreciating an employee for a job well done

There are times when an employee might perform beyond the expectations of his or her peers and superiors. Appreciating the effort and hard work of the employee at such times is essential to make him or her feel valued.
The best examples of appreciation messages for such situations are as follows:

• “The task was a tough one, yet you were able to nail it with excellent results. Thank you.”

You have performed exceptionally well in this project. Thank you for doing a great job.”

•” Wonderful job in completing this job despite all the odds

Appreciating a consistently hard-working employee

Every organization has employees who put in their best efforts every time. For such employees working hard is a part of their personality and while they might not expect to be appreciated for the same, doing so can really boost their morale.

An appreciation message from their superior is likely to prove more effective than any employee reward.
A few good examples of appreciation message for such employees are as follows:

• “We are very happy to have an employee like you who performs well every single day of the year. Thank you.”

• “Employees like you make the organization what it is today. Thank you for bringing your best to work every single day.”

Appreciating an employee with a great sales performance

The sales can be an extremely tough and challenging job; employees demonstrating top performance in sales definitely deserve a great appreciation message. It can go a long way in ensuring that they perform continuously and drive business growth.

Given below are a couple of the best appreciation messages for outstanding sales performers:

• “Your top-notch performance helped push up our company revenues to greater heights. Thank you.”

• “Your contribution to driving business growth by winning critical d
eals is commendable. Thank you and well done.

Appreciating an employee who offers unconditional help and support

Some employees are constantly there to provide help and support to their peers and juniors even without being asked. They might even show a willingness to take on extra work and responsibilities to ensure the timely achievement of business goals.

Sending them well-worded appreciation messages as apart of employee recognition is of great importance as they contribute significantly to building a positive company culture:

•” I really appreciate the initiative you show. You always help and support your colleagues. You are a valued employee for the organization and a role model for others.

• “Thank you for your help and support. You are really an asset to the team and the organization.

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The above examples can help provide a general direction for managers and supervisors to write truly motivating messages for recognizing employee performance; which will encourage the recipients to keep performing at a high level and drive business growth.

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