How to make Employee Recognition Fun and Wacky

Recognizing the efforts and achievements of employees is essential to keep them motivated and engaged. While most organizations have an employee recognition program in place, a majority of these end up being simply plain and boring. This is true even for organizations that use innovative employee recognition ideas to boost the morale and confidence of their workforce. In fact, most organizations focus only on finding the best ways to recognize and reward the employees based on their competency and performance. This makes them ignore the other equally important aspect of making the whole experience employee recognition fun and wacky and eventually a memorable experience for the employees.

Need to make employee recognition fun

It is a well-acknowledged fact that the primary objective of employee recognition is to enhance the happiness and satisfaction levels of employees as it inspires them to be more productive. However, offering recognition in a dull and boring manner can reduce its effectiveness. By adding a fun element to the entire process, organizations can make sure that the event remains etched in the memory of the employees for a long time. They feel happy and motivated upon reminiscing the event and that drives them to improve their performance.

Tips to make recognition wacky and fun-filled

Making employee recognition wacky and fun is known to provide better results than using plain employee recognition quotes. Moreover, recognizing employees in a funny way is often simpler and provides them yet another opportunity to share a laugh with co-workers. Discussed below are a few useful tips and ideas that can help organizations in this context:

1. Use funny titles for the awards

Using wacky and funny titles while recognizing employees can make the process highly interesting and enjoyable. The important thing to remember here is that the titles chosen should be laughable without being hurtful to the employees in any manner. Even though making up appropriate titles might require some research and creativity, it is sure to make the whole experience of being recognized as truly memorable and enthralling for the employees.
Examples: Some examples of hilarious employee recognition award names include the following.
• Mr/Ms. Squeaky Clean – For employees who like to keep their workspaces immaculately clean.
• Mr/Ms. Bermuda Triangle – For employees who can always be counted on to have a stock of extra paper, stapler, markers, and other such office accessories, etc.
• The Snack King/Queen – For employees who constantly need to munch on something while working.

2. Invest in unusual trophies

Another way to make staff rewards exciting and joyful is for the organizations to invest in unusual trophies. These trophies should reflect the reason for which the employees are being recognized in a physical sense of the word. Such mementos are not only unique but also quite easy and cost-effective to acquire. Most importantly, these trophies are sure to bring a smile on the faces of the recipients whenever they look at them.
Examples: Given below are a few examples of unique trophy ideas that can add a fun element to employee recognition.
• An actual rock – To recognize employees who are known to offer constant support and exhibit a high sense of team spirit.
• A monthly planner – For employees who are constantly busy in meetings and conferences.
• A duct tape – For employees capable of fixing almost anything in the office.

3. Certificates craved in wood in various cartoon characters

Certificates and citations form an integral part of recognition and rewards for employees to motivate and inspire them constantly. However, rather than getting them printed on paper, an interesting twist would be to get the wordings of the certificates and citations inscribed onto wooden plaques shaped like cartoon characters. Alternately, the wooden plaques may be designed in the shape of an animal that best matches the purpose of the award.
Examples: Some examples of wooden plaques that can be extremely fun-filled and creative as follows.
• Mickey Mouse – For employees with a high maturity level and great team spirit.
• Jerry the Mouse – For employees with a deep sense of curiosity and resourcefulness.
• Dog-shaped Plaque – For employees who exhibit great loyalty and commitment towards the organization

4. A funny surprise on reaching the office

A funny reception awaiting the employees on their office arrival also makes the process of recognition much memorable. This would often require the participation of colleagues of the employees. Due to this, it may be more effective than other ideas.
Examples: A few examples of recognition through funny pranks by co-workers:
• Covering the entire workspace of the employee with sticky notes having messages of appreciation from colleagues.
• Reception by colleagues dressed up as the favorite characters or people that the employee might consider their role models

There is no end to the number of ideas for employee recognition that one can come up with through some amount of brainstorming. Implementing such fun and wacky ideas can add more value to the employee recognition program and make it a truly amazing experience for the recipients.

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How to make Employee Recognition Fun and Wacky

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