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How to Revive a Fading Employee Recognition Program

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How to Revive a Fading Employee Recognition Program

Many organizations fail to sustain the level of employee participation in their employee rewards and recognition programs. This results in even the best employee rewards programs gradually fading into obscurity. This article takes a look at how to revive a fading employee recognition program.

What are the Signs of a Fading Employee Recognition Program?

Most organizations fail to recognize the early signs that might indicate the commencement of the downfall of their recognition programs.

They generally tend to ignore these signs as a passing phase and do not take timely corrective actions.

So, to avoid such situations, organizations should pay attention to any signs of decreasing interest of employees in recognition programs.

These are the top 4 signs:

How to Revive a Fading Employee Recognition Program 2

1. A Gradual Decline in Employee Participation

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One of the earliest indicators of a fading employee recognition program is a gradual decline in employee participation. 

This can be due to repetition of rewards, lack of variety, poorly designed policies, the lack of interest from management, and other factors.

Hence, organizations need to gather more information about factors and find ways to rectify them.

2. Reduction in Employee Satisfaction Levels

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When there is a sudden increase in dissatisfied employees, organizations should take it as a warning sign.

Hence, they should try to understand the unhappiness of employees with the recognition program. 

They should have one-on-one interaction with such employees to gain a better understanding of the reasons for their disappointment.

3. Increase in Absenteeism Rate


If more employees are taking leave for frivolous reasons, management should take it as an indication of a fading program.

Employees skipping office frequently may be because they do not care much about the organization’s success.

Hence, it is the responsibility of managers to interact with such employees to understand the reasons for this behavior.

How to Revive a Fading Employee Recognition Program?

Acknowledging that their employee recognition program is fading is the first and the most important step towards reviving it.

The next step is to identify the strategies to get the program back on track.

So, here are a few such strategies:

How to Revive a Fading Employee Recognition Program

1. Let Go of Obsolete Aspects

Provide Time and Resources to Employees to Explore New Ideas

Based on feedback from employees, the organization should list out aspects of the program that have become redundant.

Obsolete parts of the program should be replaced with more interesting and creative options that also find favor with the employees.

2. Introduce New Recognition Practices

Employee Benefits

Also, introducing new rewards regularly is a great way to maintain the novelty and excitement of the recognition program.

Apart from incorporating the changing needs of the employees, new awards can help in reviving their interest in the program.

Organizations can even seek suggestions from the members of the workforce about the new awards they want to be introduced.

3. Ensure Active Involvement of Management

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Often the fading of a recognition program is due to the lack of interest shown by the management.

The management must continue to take an active part in the recognition program.

Their involvement assures employees of being valued by people who matter the most and keeps motivating them.


Reviving an ailing recognition program can be quite challenging, but when handled in a planned way, it can deliver the benefits and the return on investments for which it was designed.

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