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HiFives enables organizations in multiple industries across 25+ countries motivate their employees in the hybrid work environment. Our advanced digital platform and consulting approach help clients enhance employee engagement, boost performance and productivity, drive values and culture, and promote learning and innovation.

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HiFives Employee Recognition Platform
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Employee rewards, recognition and engagement software platform





Business Impact

Creates measurable business benefits

Drives Performance

Promotes Core Values

Incentivizes Learning

Encourages Innovation

Why HiFives

Has cutting edge technology features and business processes

Advanced Features

Enables Digital Transformation of HR Practices

Best Practices

Incorporates Best Practices of Rewards and Recognition


Works across Geographies, Industry and Workforce


Quick Implementation based on Business Requirements


Flexible Pricing – Pay-per-seat and Pay-as-you-go


Secure and Robust Technology Architecture

About HiFives

HiFives is an Employee Rewards Recognition and Engagement Software Platform that enables organizations to digitize, automate and transform their employee experience. The platform enables supervisors and co-workers to nominate, recognize and reward employees using a points-based system. Budget management, jury-based evaluation and multi-level approval workflows are built into the platform. It was launched in 2012 by senior industry professionals with background in technology and management.

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Transform the Workplace Experience

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Across Industries, Geographies and Workforce Sizes

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About HiFives Employee Rewards, Recognition and Engagement Software

At HiFives, we take a holistic approach to R&R. We leverage a comprehensive framework for R&R which touches every aspect of employee’s activities within the organization – on-the-job performance, behaviors, learning, innovation, key milestones, fun at work, etc. and sometimes even activities outside the organizations such as participation in sports, wellness, culture, CSR, etc.

Every organization has its own operating model, workforce profile, key performance indicators, culture and core values. Organizations can design and implement their own programs, like different pieces of a jigsaw and solve their own puzzle. Our platform is highly configurable and allows rapid customizations based on their needs.

It is a completely 360 degree approach with R&R being initiated by managers, peers and even by employees themselves. HiFives Employee Rewards, Recognition and Engagement Software integrates with various other platforms such as CRM, LMS, Attendance systems, etc.; employee achievements tracked on these system can trigger rewards and recognition in HiFives through integration.

The process is a continuous one. Employees can access the HiFives platform from different devices, desktop or mobile.

Our team acts as consultants and catalysts in this whole process.


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