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Post-COVID: ‘Digital Workplace’ is a Must for all Organizations

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Post-COVID: ‘Digital Workplace’ is a must for all organizations

The use of digital technologies by organizations has helped save considerable time and effort, ensuring higher productivity and lower costs. It is evident that a ‘digital workplace’ is a must for all organizations.

Digitization of Business Processes

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Digitization of business processes has been going on for the past several decades now.

It has deeply impacted different aspects of the functioning of the organization.

The advances in digital technology made it possible for organizations to offer more flexible work schedules to their employees.

This has in turn helped to enhance their happiness and satisfaction levels.

Work from Home

The use of digital technologies has popularized the concept of remote working, which in turn, had helped organizations to continue their operations even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This has made organizations realize the importance of adopting digital working as an integral part of their operating policies.

Digital Way of Working during the COVID Pandemic

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The widespread lockdowns, the restrictions on the movement of people, and the implementation of social distancing norms during the COVID crisis forced most organizations to implement the ‘work from home’ concept.

Why is ‘Digital Workplace’ a Must for All Organizations?

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Organizations are now assessing the benefits of adopting the digital way of working as a long-term operating strategy.

Here are the key advantages for organizations opting for a digital workplace:

Advantages of a Digital Workplace

1. Business Continuity Planning

Work from Home Employees

One of the benefits of adopting digital working is it minimizes the risk of disruption of work caused by extraordinary situations.

Work from home is emerging as a favored option as it ensures safety and well-being even during times of crisis.

So, the employees can complete the tasks and projects right from the safety and comfort of their homes.

This makes it possible for organizations to fulfill their commitments to their clients promptly.

2. Higher Efficiency and Productivity


Opting for digitized working systems helps organizations complete various tasks and processes more accurately and effectively.

Importantly, it helps in cutting down the cycle time for the completion of complex or repetitive tasks significantly.

Also, integrating digital technology into various operational processes can help in reducing errors caused by human oversight.

It also enhances employee motivation by freeing their time from boring and repetitive tasks for higher-impact work.

3. Better Customer Experience

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Digitization of work processes helps organizations maximize customer satisfaction levels in a relatively effortless manner.

The use of digital technologies makes it easier for organizations to fulfill the needs and expectations of their customers.

Most importantly, these technologies can be used to establish clear channels of communication between the business and its clients.

Also, there is timely and effective resolution of their queries and addressing their grievances leading to enhanced customer experience.

4. Creates a Corporate Culture of Innovation

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Also, adopting the digital way of working motivates their employees to unleash their creativity and innovation.

Hence, organizations can choose solutions based on the existing skills and future learning requirements of the employees.

Moreover, it helps organizations to stay a step ahead of competition by integrating innovation and creativity into everyday work.


The COVID-19 crisis has served as a rude wake-up call for those organizations that have been slow in adopting the digital way of working.

All organizations should leverage digital technologies as an integral part of their strategy for business growth and sustenance. Post-COVID, ‘digital workplace‘ is a must for all organizations.

Sagar Chaudhuri

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