Work from Home might be the New Normal Post-COVID

Work from Home might be the New Normal Post-COVID

Clearly, there are distinct and quantifiable advantages of remote working for the employees as well as for the organizations.
Implemented in the right way, work from home has the potential to become of the biggest wins for organizations and integral to their business strategies.

5 Effective Tips for Remote Management of Teams

Effective tips for remote management of teams in times of social distancing

Under these challenging conditions, it is critical that frontline managers and team leaders quickly learn the skills of remote management of teams and to maximize their productivity.

Long-term Impact of Corona Virus Pandemic on the Workplace

Understanding the long term impact of the corona virus pandemic on the workplace

Organizations too will have a lot to learn from this, which will impact how they run and manage their businesses in the future and how their workplaces operate.
The long-term impact of Corona Virus pandemic on the workplace will be significant.