Should you Reward Underperformers for One-Off Achievements?

Should you Reward Underperformers for One-Off Achievements?

Hence it is our recommendation that awards especially those in the category of spot awards should be given based on the immediate achievements and not the past track record of the employees.
Awards should be treated as awards – it absolutely okay to reward underperformers for their achievements if they meet the criteria!

Peer-to-Peer or Manager Recognition – which works better?

Peer-to-Peer Recognition versus Manager Recognition

Peer-to-peer and Manager recognition are the two main pillars of a successful employee recognition program.
They should be used in tandem by an organization to build a motivate and engage their workforce.

Designing an Effective Employee Rewards and Recognition Policy

Key Aspects of Designing Rewards & Recognition Policy

Keeping a few key principles in mind and with the right intent, organizations can develop effective rewards and recognition policies that deliver great results.