Employee Rewards and Recognition Updates

Personal Take: How do HR Leaders spend their Time? How are they Balancing their Work-family Life?

Date: July 11, 2021

Summary: Akansha Sane’s (Senior Director, Human Resources at PTC) everyday starts with having a conversation with her co-workers and team mates. Alongside, she had to check her emails, calls and join meetings on time. Amidst the meetings, she always has some or the other work to do.

Sometimes, she just feels that days pass by and for rest of the times, she wants to get back to her office, around people who make her enjoy the work she does. She feels that as everybody attending office/ school from home, lunch had turned out to be an extravagant affair. Read the full article.

Why Unlocking Diversity is Critical to an Organization’s Success

Date: July 10, 2021

Summary: It has been found that the India bases industries have gone through notable transformation over the last few years. However, they have taken steps in the right direction as putting forward a challenge to the status quotient of women in industry.

This has undoubtedly contributed the workplace to be more conscious about the gender aspect. As said by Priti Nagi, HR – Business Partner Director, Blackhawk Network India, there are different obstacles that women tend to face because of the gender differences. These differences have the potential of keeping women away from accomplishing their goals in life. Read the full article.

Keeping an eye-out for the possibility of a Hybrid Working Model

Date: July 10, 2021

Summary: In a recent interview, Anjali Agarwal, Chief Human Resource Manager, CashBean, expressed that she believes companies have solved the challenges created by remote working by figuring out how to digitally implement strategy and track deliverables remotely.

She further discussed the changes that were designed to redefine the hybrid working model. She claims that research from large corporations like Microsoft, which have decided to expand entire work from home, are needed to get a good image of the hybrid approach. Read the full article.

Leader as Coach: A Case Study with Actionable Insights

Date: July 10, 2021

Summary: Many executives are unaware of the significance of coaching in igniting high performance in an organization. It is a valuable weapon in a leader’s portfolio, and every leader should work on improving his coaching abilities.

Coaching includes certain skills such as questioning and listening the purpose of which is to grasp the real problems and thereby improve the thinking and understanding of the subordinate. Overall, coaching takes time to build a person by taking the necessary steps accordingly. Read the full article.

Kavitha’s Keynote: Keeping up Praise in the Pandemic

Date: July 09, 2021

Summary: Keeping spirits up digitally might be difficult for those employees who have grown tired of online meetings, lunches, and group work exercises. Receiving acknowledgment at work, on the other hand, can boost employee motivation, engagement, and well-being to the next level.

Employees love praise and recognition. But this doesn’t always have to come in the form of monetary compensation; often a simple “thank you” is all that is needed. Read the full article.

HR of Next Decade needs to focus on Performance and Productivity: Samir Parikh

Date: July 08, 2021

Summary: In the present time, the pandemic is greatly responsible for hampering the employee’s mental well-being. According to industry analysts, businesses have started realizing the system’s limitations in supporting the employees’ mental health.

To deal with these challenges, Samir Parikh, Founder, Naman HR, CHROs have constructed distinct, multidisciplinary work teams, to manage the war room during the pandemic crisis and others with the objective of anticipating the actions that will be required to ensure a gradual return to the new normal. Read the full article.

Outlook Inequality is holding back Young, Diverse Talent

Date: July 08, 2021

Summary: The researches which were the basis to form opinions of more than a thousand youth aged in 16-25 and more and across the country, discovered that as 60% feel positive for future, a notable number feels more pessimistic. As a matter of fact, you should also know that the youth are not so optimistic particularly after the 2008/2009 recession.

Half of them also said that they have changed their ambition since the outbreak of this pandemic and this sharply increases amongst those who belong to families with lower income. Read the full article.

How the Pandemic is Redefining the Fundamentals of Leadership

Date: July 08, 2021

Summary: Covid-19 has produced extraordinary turmoil, which cannot be emphasized. It has made leadership more important than ever for businesses, turning it into a transformative experience rather than just a mere title.

The notion of ideal leadership requires leaders to be transparent at all times, especially during a crisis, and to keep nothing hidden from their teams. The focus should be on maintaining employee’s well-being by consistently practicing social engagement and communication in the workplace. Read the full article.

Employee Exits don’t necessarily mean a Permanent Goodbye

Date: July 08, 2021

Summary: Employees who leave an organization and then return as rehires are known as boomerang employees. Some employees leave for more income or the assumption that their situation would improve if they work for a different company. However, many employees return to their workplace after realizing that their former position provided them a better experience.

Their return to their workplace should be welcomed as they then come back with a fresh perspective and new abilities after gaining experiences to new ideas. Read the full article.

Employee Engagement Is at an All-Time Low, But Virtual Training Can Give It a Boost

Date: July 08, 2021

Summary: According to a recent Gallup poll, only 36% of employees are satisfied with their jobs. The report also revealed that 51% of employees are disengaged, and 13% are actively disengaged at work, meaning they are unhappy enough to spread their negativity all around.

A solution for this is a virtual training program that allows companies to provide their staff with differentiated training experiences. This helps them to embrace their employees’ work for their organization. Read the full article.

Tapping into the Transformative Power of AI for Enhanced Recruitment and Retention

Date: July 07, 2021

Summary: Employers now have a new opportunity to establish stronger staff retention and engagement strategies because of AI-powered cognitive engines. New employees can use conversational AI-enabled software to ask inquiries instead of calling or emailing their HR.

This reduces employee stress and allows recruiting managers to make more meaningful connections with prospects. AI assists HR managers in deepening employee engagement and determining ways to meet an employee’s values and motivational needs within the firm using analytics. Read the full article.

Why Digital Disruption is a marriage of Technology and Management, not a choice of one over the other

Date: July 07, 2021

Summary: In today’s world many industry experts have said that businesses have no choice but to adapt due to technology disruptions. Experts have also said that the focus should be on transferring the in-person hiring experience to an online environment, along with constantly updating tools and assessment processes so that the organizations can choose the best candidate.

The management teams have a critical role in influencing change, making information more visible and available, and bringing employees and managers on board, among other things. Read the full article.

Pitney Bowes reworks Leave Policy for a more Inclusive Workplace

Date: July 07, 2021

Summary: Even after employees return to work full-time in their workplace, the company aims to maintain the insurance available to new mothers.

Adoptive parents, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, can now take advantage of special leave that allows them to spend more time with their children. Employees who have worked for the company for at least 80 days are eligible for six months of paid time off. Read the full article.

L&T uses AI to detect absence of Masks, Improper Social Distancing among Workmen

Date: Jul 07, 2021

Summary: Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Larsen & Toubro (L&T) has announced it is implementing artificial intelligence (AI) to detect the absence of face masks and poor social distancing among workers. Such safety data is collected on a regular basis in order to track trends in safety violations and implement systemic corrective steps.

Contractors whose workers routinely break safety laws are identified by AI engines. This enables project managers to enhance their safety standards and assure overall compliance. Read the full article.

Tapping into the Transformative Power of AI for Enhanced Recruitment and Retention

Date: Jul 07, 2021

Summary: For long-term business success, bringing the right people together is necessary. By processing enormous volumes of data – particularly data emerging from a company’s search activities and data provided by candidates in their CVs and on social networking sitesAI apps and tools can make recruitment and selection processes more efficient and effective.

HR managers can now conduct intelligence-based skill-gap assessments, give learning opportunities for employees, and track their performance metrics and employee training progress using AI-powered solutions. Read the full article.

Chief People Officer of Salesforce discusses Post-pandemic Playbook for Work

Date: Jul 07, 2021

Summary: The Associated Press spoke with Brent Hyder, Salesforce’s Chief People Officer, about the strategy adopted by the company. He expressed that in U.S, people are not very much ready to get back to their offices.

Though he believes that when employees will be asked to return, the company’s productivity will surely increase with collaboration. In the end, he tells that the only lesson he learned from this experience is that flexibility in work should be maintained to have a positive impact. Read the full article.

Working Women are Four Times less confident than their Male Counterparts about getting a Job, says LinkedIn Survey

Date: Jul 06, 2021

Summary: According to LinkedIn data, as India slowly recovers from the second wave of Covid-19, the workforce is plagued by economic instability, as well as low confidence and optimism about their career prospects.

Working women are four times less assured in their ability to find work than their male colleagues, the survey revealed. This view is reflected in India’s growing demand for flexibility, as every second job seeker now prioritizes location, hours, and work-life balance while looking for a job. Read the full article.

Skillset Mismatch is a Real Cause for Concern

Date: July 06, 2021

Summary: By creating higher engagement with the present staff, providing employees opportunities to enhance their skill and by hiring temporary or part time staff are amongst the attempts made by employers for fulfilment of their long term goals.

The best advice for those employers who have faced the concerns of skill matching to allow their business move ahead in the post pandemic phase. The index report prepared by City & Guilds Group to measure the skills index showed that 2,000 people belonging to work group didn’t receive required training in the last year. Read the full article.

Employers must Reality Check their View of Disability

Date: July 06, 2021

Summary: As the changes that work will make in future, there is an opportunity to look newly at the cultures of organization. As this is done, engaging with people who are disabled in the workforce and assure that their voice are heard at different levels of leadership.

The concerns we are confronting now are very new for the people. It is to be assured that the decisions taken are on the basis of living reality with any disability and not on the basis of assumptions. Read the full article.

How Xoxoday’s Empuls is helping Companies engage Remote Employees

Date: Jul 06, 2021

Summary: Xoxoday’s Empuls is the ideal tool for actively engaging employees in the new remote workplace. Through an all-in-one employee engagement platform, lets firms connect, recognize, reward, and empower their hybrid workforce.

Empuls stands out as a comprehensive solution for addressing common workplace issues such as connection, alignment, motivation, and engagement. As a result, businesses do not need to invest in separate solutions to deal with personnel issues. Read the full article.

Pandemic accelerates need to persistently upgrade Digital Skill Sets of Employees: Ritu Kochhar

Date: Jul 05, 2021

Summary: Ritu Kochhar, Head – Human Resources, Perfetti Van Melle India, believes that workplace dynamics have changed dramatically. According to her, the pandemic has completely changed the way people manage their workplaces.

According to her, the onset of the pandemic, which has caused worldwide uncertainty and irregularity, has increased the need for employees to continually enhance their digital skillsets. She further expressed that in these tough times, the focus should remain on maintaining employee’ wellbeing. Read the full article.

HR needs to embrace Technology as Enablers: Experts

Date: Jul 05, 2021

Summary: The adoption of new-age technology by forward-looking companies is revolutionizing the way people work and engage within the company. Remote working technology, often known as work from anywhere, provides a reliable business continuity mechanism. This has allowed businesses of all kinds to operate and survive the present pandemic.

The virtual ecology of interacting and producing output has permanently altered the way organizations work. To stay effective, connected, and relevant, HR departments must improve team leader training to embrace and enable the technology. Read the full article.

Apple Workers have concern about Hybrid Work Model: Report

Date: July 03, 2021

Summary: An internal employee poll found that respondents desire the ability to work from home and that flexible alternatives are crucial as Apple CEO Tim Cook urges staff to return to the office three days a week starting in early September.

According to The Verge, over 90% of respondents agreed that “location-flexible working alternatives are a very significant problem to me.” The employees urged to indefinitely work from home. Read the full article.

Why the 70-20-10 Organizational Learning Model is a Myth

Date: July 03, 2021

Summary: Employee efficiency may be improved by implementing the 70-20-10 concept inside a company. While this is a useful tool, human resource management teams should first learn about the principle’s impact on employee learning and development before applying it to their workforce.

Companies must evaluate what works best for their workers in terms of overall efficiency, whether it’s the 70-20-10 concept or the same learning model applied with a different ratio. Read the full article.

Budget and Resource Planning for Implementing L&D Strategies

Date: July 02, 2021

Summary: Financial budgeting and resource planning should be done following an organization’s goals, individual employee goals, performance indicators, fiscal year income, and spending estimates, and so on.

When a company decides to invest in learning and development for its staff, it must consider if the training will result in a similar return on investment. Depending on the size of the workforce, most companies spend between $100 and $1000 per person each year on L&D. Read the full article.

Optimization of Performance Management in the Post-Covid Era

Date: July 02, 2021

Summary: The optimization of the performance management has been the new target for all HR. In the era of post-Covid where work from home setup has become mandatory, the output of the employee has become the sole criteria of performance management.

The HRs has to identify the new methods with the help of technology. It is the new priority for the organization. The current scenario demands an overhaul of the traditional setup. Read the full article.

53% Employees believe Upskilling influenced their Salary Hike: Survey

Date: July 02, 2021

Summary: The work market has changed dramatically as a result of the epidemic. A survey found that upskilling has influenced compensation increases for around 53% of employees polled.

According to an Edtech survey titled “Impact of Upskilling on Performance Management,” a large percentage of employees indicated upskilling allowed them to move into better employment roles. Read the full article.

Business Leaders must focus on Software to increase Collaboration and Agility

Date: July 02, 2021

Summary: According to a recent survey, 16 percent of individuals do not want to return to work and would rather permanently remote work, while 52 percent desire a hybrid model where they may choose to work remotely or in the office each day.

Flexible working practices, automation, and backup technologies are just a few of the steps that business owners can take to ensure that their workers who work from home feel supported. Read the full article.