Employee Rewards and Recognition Updates

Warehouses turn to Gamification to level up Productivity

Apr 27, 2021

Summary: The supply chain giant, Amazon has also taken a lead in adding gamification to the supply chain industry by adding a competitive component to the daily tasks undertaken by warehouses in picking and packing for engaging and rewarding the workers.

Many other logistics firm has followed suit and added elements of gamification in their process. There are some warehouses where the company shares the individual performance data of the employees on a real time basis using handheld devices. This helps in giving a direct feedback on the employees performance. Read the full article.

IWG witnesses ‘unprecedented demand’ for hybrid working options

Apr 27, 2021

Summary: The renowned office rental firm, IWG Plc mentions that it has witnessed an unprecedented demand for flexible work products for hybrid working during the ongoing pandemic. The entire office space sector has gone for a reshaping with more and more employers seeking shorter lease as a majority of their employees are into remote working. This has led to modification in the business of office properties.

IWG is currently working with hybrid products but is yet to estimate the potential financial impact these adjustments will bring. Read the full article.

2021 is Going to End with Big Contract Staffing Numbers

Apr 27, 2021

Summary: In an interaction, Saravanan Balasundaram, Founder & CEO, Han Digital, mentioned that the Covid times has brought about significant changes in the attrition trend for 2021. The companies are required to take steps towards contractual hiring while ensuring diversity in the workplace.

Their company is reading the hiring trends and attrition is a major driver. He further mentioned that its high time that employers start taking care of the employees in order to attract resources. Now companies are considering the appraisal cycles for the purpose of satisfying the compensation expectation of the employees. Read the full article.

Attract, Enrich and Engage: Wells Fargo’s Mantra for Hiring Neurodivergent Employees

Apr 27, 2021

Summary: Sajid Ahmed, Executive Vice President – Head of Technology, Wells Fargo India & Philippines, talked about the company’s initiatives towards creating a neurodiverse culture. The company has put its major thrust on information and cyber security, technology infrastructure and operations.

The company began its Neurodiversity hiring program in the US in 2020, and in the first phase hired nearly 10 neurodivergent employees who displayed an incredible aptitude and ability to keep pace with experienced development teams and in some cases have become subject matter experts on new technology. The program follows three objectives – to attract, enrich and engage. Read the full article.

We run a Talent Factory: Shailesh Singh, Max Life

Apr 27, 2021

Summary: Shailesh Singh, Chief People Officer, Max Life talked about the bottom-up, structured methodology adopted in their organization for talent development. This helps the employees in  charting their career paths and the supervisors, on the other hand can focus on their talent resources to meet the business requirements. This is quite akin to running a talent factory. Even in the pandemic times, the company is co-creating solutions with the employees which resulted in higher engagement levels and business success.

The company emphasizes on the tech teams to continue to deliver and at the same time shift from manual to digital teams. The digital enablement and working on apps, by giving the tools for better performance of the employees is other things the organization focuses on. Read the full article.

IT Companies Expand Covid Care Facilities for Employees

Apr 27, 2021

Summary: The various IT giants in India are lending their helping hand to their employees to cope up with the challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic, Covid 19. Infosys, is providing a 21 days paid leave to all the employees who are recovering from COVID. The company has even set up COVID care centers in Bengaluru and Pune.

Capgemini India is covering the employees and their dependents infected with COVID under medical insurance policy of the company if they need to go for home care facilities. Wipro and TCS, on the other hand, organized vaccination camps for its employees and their dependents. Cognizant offered a 14 days involuntary leave to the employees for the quarantine period followed by sick leave. Read the full article.

Tech helps prevent burnout as Employees flag under Third Wave

Apr 27, 2021

Summary: It has been observed that remote workers are bearing a significant mental and emotional stress. This requires levers from the side of the organization in order to support the employees in order to mitigate the burnout caused.

Leaders should conduct communication about mental health, employee burnout and other wellbeing related issues with the employees on weekly or bi-weekly basis for reducing the stress level and increasing the employee engagement level. Companies should make use of technical tools for building healthy habits for driving collaboration, stress management, communication and productivity. Read the full article.

Why should Employees work like an Entrepreneur

Apr 26, 2021

Summary: Employees are considered to be the biggest assets an organization has. Great employees make a great workplace which makes a great organization. The employees should work with the same zeal and vigor as the entrepreneur in order to take the company on the path of the success. Each and every employee should take his/her responsibilities and duties with utmost care.

The organizations are said to be playing a pivotal role in encouraging the employees to work innovatively towards the shared vision. For this the HR is required to do certain things. Read the full article.

Wendy’s Franchisee JAE Restaurant Group Receives Culture at Work Award from ADP

Apr 26, 2021

Summary: JAE Restaurant Group, one of the largest multi-unit franchisees of Wendy’s, has received the prestigious Culture at Work Award from ADP® at its 28th annual ADP Meeting of the Minds conference. The restaurant group has been recognized for driving sustained employee engagement through a dynamic and best-in-class workplace culture.

JAE has been celebrated as employer of choice working with people first approach. Last year, JAE Restaurant Group implemented ADP Vantage HCM® for driving communication and engagement across the company. Read the full article.

Direct Selling News honors USANA and its CEO with three major awards

Apr 26, 2021

Summary: The global leader in nutrition, USANA Health Sciences has bagged three awards from the top publication of direct selling industry, Direct Selling News (DSN). Kevin Guest, CEO, USANA earned the coveted Bravo Leadership award for his success as a leader. USANA was also named as DSN’s Best Places to Work and Global 100 lists.

It’s the 4th time USANA has been recognized as one of the Best Places to Work in direct selling. The company has done fairly well with its business investments and product launches in the last year despite the pandemic conditions. Our heartiest congratulations to the entire team. Read the full article.

Deliver what matters: The Value on Investment of Employee Mental Health Programs

Apr 26, 2021

Summary: There was a time when mental health of the employees was kept in abeyance.  The companies have now opened the box of benefits hidden behind the wellness programs for the employees. The employer and employee expectations from a benefit program have changed to a major notch due to the pandemic.

The focus has shifted towards total employee wellbeing and are thus relying on employee assistance program for the same. Progressive alternatives are considered to be the need of the hour. Read the full article.

Tech has become the Lifeline to Survive: HCL CEO

Apr 26, 2021

Summary: C Vijayakumar, CEO and president, HCL, emphasized on digital initiatives in modernizing the applications, cloud migration, enhancing customer experience, reimagining the supply chain and security. He maintains that Tech is the new lifeline to survive and thrive in the new normal that emerged due to the ongoing pandemic.

He also mentioned that the current operational model is work from anywhere and focus remains on controlling the attrition rate. The company took the first move advantage in providing salary increments during the pandemic and even gave a one time bonus to the staff members. Read the full article.

For Companies, it’s Time to Protect the Employees

Apr 26, 2021

Summary: There was a time when business organizations used to focus on business and its continuity. Now the focus has shifted towards the people i.e. the employees. Many IT companies have written to their employees to keep their health at priority during the second COVID 19 wave. They have even formed special teams for resolving issues related to mental exhaustion and fatigue.

Every company is now batting for the ‘employee first’ approach. The companies should avoid restructuring and show generosity towards the employees. Since 100% automation of any organization seems to be a far cry, the companies are required to see the welfare and survival of their skilled people. Read the full article.

Enhancing Employee Experience – Role of HR in Pandemic Era

Apr 26, 2021

Summary: Be it any firm, the Human resource people have always played a key role in managing employees’ lifecycle in order to deliver high performance. Since the onset of this ongoing COVID 19 pandemic, the role of an HR Professional has transformed drastically and evolved in multiple hues.

With evolvement of digital network in business, it is imperative for HR professionals to revitalize hiring, onboarding, engagement, reward & recognition, development, increasing productivity and retaining the human capital. HR professionals should act as catalysts to ensure a seamless and enhanced employee experience despite the ambiguity. They are given the task of enhancing the employee experience while taking into account the business and people’s expectations. Read the full article.

Workplace Equality: Transitioning to an Inclusive Workplace

Apr 26, 2021

Summary: A healthy workplace is based on one’s merit and capabilities and not the biases being made. Inclusive and equality in work have become the keywords these days. Inclusive in its true sense means hiring people irrespective of their gender, sexual orientation, or mental state of mind. Fair and equal opportunities shall be created for one all.

Despite that there are still a number of corporates which struggle for policy decision making in respect of each and every sect of individuals for including in the employee payroll. Read the full article.

How AI can be a game changer in HR functions

Apr 25, 2021

Summary: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making its way into the HR functions and the day is not far when AI and HR will walk hand in hand. The incorporation of AI in HR functions bring its own set of benefits.

With the onset of COVID 19 pandemic, more and more business organizations are prioritizing the digital transformation and HR leaders are required to use the AI technology in terms of certain digital touch points. Read the full article.

Want to be a Smart Leader in the Hybrid Work Age? Start by Doing These 4 Things Daily

Apr 23, 2021

Summary: The corporate world is facing a new challenge of managing the hybrid workforce. The challenge comes in the form of ensuring that the onsite, offsite and remote employees stay inspired and motivated towards the goals of the organization.

4 things are required from the leaders in today’s time to keep the workforce engaged– option of mobility of career, protecting employees from remote work burnout, culture of recognition, and promotion of trust. Read the full article.

How Chatbots can help HR enhance Employee Engagement

Apr 23, 2021

Summary: DJ Das, CEO, ThirdEye Data, the leading AI and big data consulting company from California considers embracing chatbots as an HR tool for boosting employee experience and well being.

HR departments can make use of chatbots for meaningfully communicating with the employees and getting the vital and actionable insights for promoting worker wellness, engagement and positive experience. They can leverage AI in order to gain intelligence and drive an informed decision making which is for the benefit of the employees. Read the full article.

50% Employees feel Organizations Strive to Maintain Positive Remote Working Culture: Breathe Study

Date: Apr 22,  2021

Summary: The new working environment that came into place due to the lockdown had several impacts on employees’ work experience. A study shows that though a flexible work environment produced positive results, a drop in the motivation level was also observed.

Though many organizations took measures to ensure the well-being of their employees, they also faced tough competition in maintaining strong cultural values. Read the full article.

JinkoSolar wins “Asia’s Best Employer” Award for third consecutive year by HR Asia

Apr 21, 2021

Summary: JinkoSolar Holding Co. Ltd, one of the most innovative solar  module manufacturer of the world has won the award for “Asia’s Best Employer” for the third consecutive year in a ceremony organized by HR Asia. This award is given for the purpose of recognizing the enterprises showcasing an outstanding performance in the human resource policies, and is celebrated as one of the Asia’s most authoritative awards in the field of human resource management.

The Company is known for developing the diversified talent training and development programs for the purpose of promoting a corporate culture that fosters innovation and leadership among teams. We congratulate Team JinkoSolar for adding another feather to its cap. Read the full article.

Atos in India certified as a Great Place to Work® by the GPTW Institute

Apr 20, 2021

Summary: Atos, the global leader in the field of digital transformation announced that its Global Delivery Center and regional business unit in India have achieved the Great Place to Work® (GPTW) Certification endorsing them as an excellent place to work.

It is a reflection of the employee engagement and the pride and belief the employees have in Atos work culture that promotes the values of trust, reliability, fairness, respect and camaraderie.

The company’s employee engagement and experience program, ‘We Are Atos’ constantly works towards improving the wellbeing of the employees by providing them learning and development opportunities, rewarding the careers, relevant talent and workforce management. Our heartiest congratulations to the winner. Read the full article.

Nu Skin receives multiple Industry Awards for Culture, Workplace and Financial Performance

Apr 20, 2021

Summary: The global leader in innovative beauty and wellness products, Nu Skin, received a number of recognitions in the virtual ceremony. The company emerged as the inaugural recipient of the Bravo Global Good Award, the only six-time winner of best places to work, recognized as the sixth largest direct selling company in the world and noted for its customer-centric focus.

The company works with the motto of empowering its people by improving their lives. The Bravo Global Good Award was introduced for recognizing the companies showcasing a meaningful global responsibility, and Nu Skin became the first-ever recipient of the award. Many congratulations to the Team. Read the full article.

How India Inc is keeping Staff Anxiety at bay during Covid surge

Apr 20, 2021

Summary: Since the sudden spike in COVID cases due to the second wave, the prime Indian business houses, namely Siemens, Mahindra, RPG Group, Nissan India and others have set up task forces and crisis management teams for the purpose of monitoring the work and ensure business continuity by keeping the anxiety of staff members at bay.

The CEOs of the companies are holding town hall meetings through video conferencing and sending mails for motivating and guiding the employees for ensuring productivity and well being. Read the full article.

Pactiv Evergreen Launches GiveBack, a New Program Rewarding Community Engagement for Employees and their Families

Apr 20, 2021

Summary: The largest manufacturer and distributor of fresh food and beverage packaging in North America Pactiv Evergreen Inc employing nearly 15,000 employees, announced the launch of a new annual program, GiveBack that rewards community engagement for its employees and their families and supporting the company’s commitment to sustainability.

The program invites the employees and their student family members for nominating the projects in which they are involved at registered nonprofit organizations for the purpose of grants based on environmental, social and economic considerations. Read the full article

Time to Gear Up to Step into the Future with Agility & Flexibility: Epicor’s Global Talent Director

Apr 20, 2021

Summary: In an interaction with People Matters, Lori Lewis, Senior Director, Global Talent and Culture, Epicor who is a senior HR professional with nearly 30 years of experience emphasizes the need of valuing and recognizing the employees in order to build a stronger connection with them.

For this purpose, their company has launched an employee recognition program named, STAR. She further adds that engaging both current and prospective employees is essential and the same can be done by letting them know that its their work which brings big difference to the organization. Agility and flexibility have become the keywords for their organization. Read the full article.