Employee Rewards and Recognition Updates

Evolution of Digital HR in the Indian Banking Sector

Apr 30, 2021

Summary: Darwinbox, India’s fastest growing Human Capital Management platform which works with more than 500 global enterprises and 1 million employees in more than 55 countries attended a round table conference to discuss the readiness on digital transformation during COVID.

RBL Bank maintains of investing in enhancing the learning and development of the employees and keeping them engaged. DCB Bank considers connectivity with the employees as their topmost priority. HSBC India, focuses on uplifting the mental well being of the staff members and ensuring employee safety. Bank of Baroda opted for the digital route to tackle the pandemic. The article has excellent insights on how the banking sector is evolving their HR digitally. Read the full article

This is how Ericsson is leveraging HR technologies to improve Employee Experience and Productivity

Apr 30, 2021

Summary: Priyanka Anand, Vice President and Head of HR, South East Asia, Oceania & India, Ericsson, talks about readiness for the future when it is rolling out 5G. She believes that pandemic gave the opportunity to explore the virtue of virtual collaboration to the highest level and with digital acceleration and digital transformation, all investments done can give success.

It’s high time to re-imagine, re-think, re-define the workplaces for evolving the future. Also, the emergence of diverse employment models can also help in defining the talent strategy of the organization. Read the full article.

DHL Express Turkey Receives Best Employer Award

Apr 30, 2021

Summary: The leading brand in the logistics industry, DHL Express Turkey, made second in the list of Turkey’s Best Employers 2021 determined by Great Place to Work Institute. The company received appreciation for its work during the pandemic.

The company approaches every employee with respect. Training programs are conducted for managers for creating employee engagement and development of the employees. They believe that customer satisfaction is a factor of happy employees. Read the full article.

Eulify brings Benepik’s Unique Employee and Channel Engagement, Rewards and Redemption Platform to the Middle East Region

Apr 29, 2021

Summary: Benepik is a mobile-based reward and recognition, engagement and communications platform for employees and channel partners which was launched in India in 2015. Recently, the UAE based tech firm, Eulify LLC.  has tied up with Benepik to take employee, consumer and channel engagement to the next level.

Eulify works with a mission of expansion to Middle East and bring world-class digital technologies and tools to the clients. Benepik One, Benepik Plus and Benepik Multiply are some of the customizable and client specific products from Benepik. Indeed, engagement impacts business performance and creates competitive advantage for the organizations. Read the full article.

2/3rd of Workers Confident of Finding a New Job: ADP Survey

Apr 29, 2021

Summary: Payroll services firm, ADP Research Institute‘s survey named People at Work 2021: A Global Workforce View reached a more than 32,000 workers based in 17 countries. The results that emerged were that almost 95 per cent of workers in India felt job and finance security concerns during the pandemic.

However, workers hold an optimistic view of COVID 19 having a positive impact in terms of greater flexibility and skill development. Nearly 2/3rd of the workers feel benefited for the coming 3 years and are confident of getting another job with same job satisfaction, flexibility and even a better pay. Read the full article.

Creating Experiences for Employees of Tomorrow

Apr 29, 2021

Summary: The organizations are considering review of the strategies to get the most of the available human resources. Remote working with the tech tools in hand has eased out a number of industries where virtual work was never even imagined.

There is a need to prepare a workforce for tomorrow who are agile enough and fully prepared to take up the challenges and ensure timely delivery of tasks. Engagement needs to be rebranded and focus should be on experience of the employee with the organization. Read the full article.

Ad Agency draws flak for enforcing Office Attendance

Apr 29, 2021

Summary: Cheil India, the AD Agency headquartered in Delhi came under lenses after one of the ex employees of the company questioned its HR practices of forcing and compelling the employees to come to office despite the second wave of pandemic rolling in the country.

Resultant, 2 staff members lost their lives and several are battling the disease. A lot of people echoed the sentiments asking more compassion from the employers at least at such a trivial times, while some suggested a legal action against the company. Eyebrows are also raised at Samsung for asking Cheil India to make the employees work from office. Read the full article.

COVID 19: Global Enterprises ramp-up efforts to ensure Wellbeing of Staff in India

Apr 29, 2021

Summary: Global giants, Amazon and IBM have taken significant steps in the recent past to support their staff in the dismal times of COVID19. Arvind Krishna, CEO, IBM announced its action task force for taking care of colleagues and their family struggling with COVID 19 across the world by providing medical coverage and are also supporting efforts for vaccination.

HCL Technologies, is also shifting some of the workload from India to other locations to ensure business continuity. Amazon India, on the other hand is supplying oximeters, oxygen concentrators etc. to its employees. Read the full article.

Amazon to raise pay for more than 500,000 workers

Apr 29, 2021

Summary: The online shopping giant, Amazon announced raising the pay of more than 500k of its workers as a mode to attract new workers. The company plans to increase the hourly rate of the workers right from next month. The company needs more workforce to handle facilities management during the pandemic. It hired a large chunk of workers last year and plans to continue with the same strategy this year. Read the full article.

Leapfrogger’ Companies are Outpacing ‘Laggard’ Peers with 4x Revenue Growth: Report

Apr 29, 2021

Summary: Make the Leap. Take the Lead”, a new report released by Accenture reveals that the amplification of the technology investments by the companies during the COVID-19 pandemic, have significantly offered growth advantage over competitors. 

The report surveyed 4,300 respondents and determined that 10% of them were Leaders, 18% Leapfroggers and 25% were Laggards. The companies were rated on the basis of their system strength combined with flip size. The research reveals that technology is now indispensable to business success which enables companies to survive and thrive. Read the full article.

9 out of 10 Businesses are Planning to Replace Employees who Struggle to Work Independently

Apr 29, 2021

Summary: A new data highlighting how businesses are planning for the ‘new normal’ post COVID and its impact on recruitment over the next 12 months has been published by Global expenses app, ExpenseOnDemand. The survey was done across the major companies and it emerged that the companies are planning to replace workers who are unable to work remotely.

84% of the companies are also eyeing on automation for a seamless transition between remote and office-based working and planning to reduce clerical and admin roles by implementing more automated processes. 95% of the organizations are planning to make new recruitments once the economy recovers from the impact of the pandemic. Read the full article.

Firms Uncertain How to Attract and Retain Digital Talent: Study

Apr 28 ,2021

Summary: A new study by Korn Ferry which gathered responses from organizations across China, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand shows that employers are aware about scarcity of digital talent and understands the need of re-defining and re-aligning the rewards strategies for attracting and retaining the skilled employees, but they are clueless on how to go about it.

As an alternative to hiring, organizations are looking at up-skilling to obtain the talent they need. An effective talent management program should be evolved that focuses not only on the current talents and high potential performers, but also at future needs with a long-term vision. Read the full article.

Microlearning and Nanolearning: New Trends in Learning and Development

Apr 29, 2021

Summary: The advancement of technology has brought about revolutionary trends in the field of learning and development with microlearning and nanolearning being the most innovative and evolving learning programs.

They meet the moment of need and can be imparted using the online learning methodology. The content of both of these learning tools is quite engaging, easy to comprehend and understand, accessible and provides a formal and informal learning. Read the full article.

Blockchain Applications and the War for Talent

Apr 28, 2021

Summary: The blockchain technology has again hit the headlines as a  tool for employers to differentiate themselves and win the war for talent as it provides a competitive edge in the global pandemic. Some companies across the world are seen using Bitcoin and other established cryptocurrencies as an additional instrument to reward their employees.

The advantages of blockchain-based applications include a borderless network, ease and speed of transfer, and a lower risk of devaluation (some cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, have a hard cap on total supply). Blockchain applications for human capital management, such as token-based ecosystems, helps by incentivizing the collective achievements such as climate change-related goals, thus providing an effective medium for intercompany optimization of work and talent. Read the full article.

Hybrid Work Model requires improvised Performance Evaluation Structure

Apr 28, 2021

Summary: Taniya Kurve, Head-Training & Development and Marketing Financepeer, feels that hybrid working model is the preferred option of all the companies, but that certainly calls for alterations to be done in the performance evaluation system as few employees are working remotely while few on work stations.

Thus, both set of employees have a redefined job profiles and thus there is a need for target adjustments to be done. Evaluation can be done on a pro rata basis, on professional development, work ethics, punctuality and daily task completion. However, the companies should brainstorm to come up with more accurate ways of performance evaluation. Read the full article. 

How Leaders are using Technology to Enhance Employee Engagement amid Remote Working

Apr 28, 2021

Summary: Raman Kumar Singh, CHRO, ABB India, believes there is a profound need for leaders to be more engaged with the employees and motivate them well towards achievement of organization goal in place of an in-person engagement.

ABB India adopted various measures, including frequent team meetings, creating awareness around the holistic wellness programs of the company, training team managers around sensitive topics like leading with empathy, maintaining personal connection during calls or meetings to bring the employee engagement level. Another initiative is to involve the families of the employees. He feels that corporate success is the intersection of the talent with technology. Read the full article. 

Over 87% of Employees think Virtual Recruitment is a Boon

Apr 28, 2021

Summary: Staffing company, Genius Consultants conducted a survey comprising 998 respondents that suggested that 87.4% of the employees feel virtual hiring as the most convenient way of reaching out to the candidates and vice versa and also offers advantages such as scheduling meetings and interviews at mutually convenient times, etc.

Only 12.3 per cent of employees feels that online recruitment is not working out as a viable option. R P Yadav, CMD, Genius Consultants mentions that Virtual recruitment has been one of the positive changes that the industry adapted in these testing times. Read the full article.

Beware of Isolation Fatigue caused by Remote Working

Apr 28, 2021

Summary: Currently, the ongoing pandemic has forced each and every company to arrange WFH for the staff members as a business continuity plan. Maneesh Menda, Head – Human Resources, NatWest Group India, maintains that there is a need of review in the HR policies to offer flexibility to the employees in case of employment of return to work strategy.

Employee wellbeing and infrastructure at home needs to be closely monitored. The most sensitive issue that causes poor employee engagement is lack of discipline and a diminished focus on wellbeing. Prolonged WFH leads to mental illness and the same should be discouraged. Read the full article.

HDFC Bank sets up Isolation Centres for Covid-affected Employees

Apr 28 ,2021

Summary: HDFC Bank has announced host of holistic measures to take care of employees and their dependents infected with COVID 19. It has converted three of its training centres situated in Bhubaneswar, Pune, and Gurugram into isolation facilities, which will provide first-line assistance and supervision by nurses and visiting doctors. In case of emergency, immediate medical help from the nearby hospitals is also arranged.  

The bank has also been working with the local administration for setting up vaccination camps. It had also tied up with hotels across the country to provide isolation facilities, basic amenities and medical checks. Read the full article.

Welspun Group announces Initiative to provide Equal Opportunity for its Female Staff

Apr 28, 2021

Summary: Dipali Goenka, CEO & Joint Managing Director, Welspun India Ltd made an announcement to provide equal opportunity for its female employees with a vision to create next generation of women leaders.

Under the ‘Women of Welspun’ initiative, the group will empower women workforce by providing an environment of growth and opportunities, institutionalizing progressive policies which will help women to reach the desired position. It is also undertaking up-skilling program for the women employees. Read the full article.

Dismissal of Employee with COVID-19 Concerns was not automatically unfair

Apr 28, 2021

Summary: Partner Sue Dowling, head of leading Thames Valley law firm Blandy & Blandy’s Employment Law team took a recent case to emphasis on the relationship between an employer and employee. The question under consideration was whether  it was automatically unfair to dismiss an employee who did not come to work, citing fears over catching the virus.

The tribunal in its proceedings mentioned that the employee need to raise concern with the employer in order to avert the dangers. The Tribunal recognized that employers who have incorporated protective measures and followed the Government’s guidance cannot allow continued absenteeism, particularly without any anticipated return date. Read the full article.

Technology and Humane Approach Together Evaluate Performance of Employees

Apr 28, 2021

Summary: Manoj Sharma, Joint President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Aarti Industries, maintains that it becomes important for organizations to recognize the efforts of their employees during performance evaluations, appraisals and bonuses. It brought an additional responsibility for line managers to engage with their teams to ensure they felt supported during a time of extreme uncertainty.

Empowering the managers to handle decision-making for their teams makes them future-ready and one step ahead. The key is to strengthen the digital base of HR and unleash the true power of HR Technology. He mentioned how the technology-based platform helped employees inculcate the habit of goal setting and cascading of goals. It helped linking individual goals to the organization’s mission, standardization of process, facilitating communication between employees and managers, and progress reports across the company. Read the full article. 

Vogo rolls out 4-day Work Week on Every Third Week of the Month

Apr 28, 2021

Summary: Anand Ayyadurai, Co-Founder and CEO, Vogo, the two wheeler rental service company, has announced a four-day week every third week of the month, thus, giving an extra holiday for the team to take time off for their work, or just unwind. He mentioned that the team come back to work afresh, leaving Monday blues behind.

The employees come with fresher perspectives, more gusto at work, engaging conversations beyond work which give visible results in the workplace. The CEO feels that work-life balance holds a great importance that helps the employees contribute with great spirit towards the success of the organization. Read the full article. 

War-rooms and Oxygen: India’s IT Companies scramble to handle Covid-19 Surge

Apr 28, 2021

Summary: The IT Giants in Bengaluru have set up COVID war rooms for their infected employees sourced with oxygen, hospital beds and medicines. The banking sector is also not far behind with Standard Chartered and Goldman Sachs putting in infrastructure to get their employees and their families vaccinated.

Technology giants such as Wipro and Accenture are working on 13-14 hours shift as several employees are struggling and falling ill. Read the full article.