Employee Rewards and Recognition Updates

IndiGo set to become First Domestic Airline with Vaccinated Operational Staff

May 4, 2021

Summary: The low cost airline, IndiGo set the new record by becoming the first domestic airline with all inoculated operational staff members. This move has been taken in view of restoring confidence and trust in the public travelling using the airline and the operational crew members, ground staff and front line officers.

The vaccination drive will take place not only for the entire workforce of IndiGo, but also, for its subsidiary, Agile. Such moves do play a crucial role in speeding up the vaccination drive for the country. Read the full article.

80% of Indian Organizations struggle to educate their Leaders and Employees about Cybersecurity

May 4, 2021

Summary: There has been a considerable increase in the frequency and severity of the cybersecurity attacks, still 80% of the organizations based out of India confessed about struggling to educate the leaders and employees about the importance of cybersecurity. This was published in the survey report named, ‘The future of Cybersecurity in the Asia Pacific and Japan’ conducted by IT security company Sophos. The report also mentioned that there is a stagnation in the cybersecurity budgets and underestimation of the damage threats. Read the full article.

80% of Companies have well-defined Employee Assistance Programs: Survey

May 4, 2021

Summary: A survey conducted by ANSR, the consulting firm titled, ‘COVID benefits Survey 2021’ reported introduction of digital wellness benefits by 58% of the companies, facilities of advanced preventive care for COVID 19 by 50% of the companies and establishment of a well-defined Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) by 80% of the companies.

The digital solutions led to rise in remote working. The EAPs have become the necessity for employees and has emerged as the backbone for the smooth working of the organizations. Read the full article.

Hershey India accredited with Great Place to Work Certification

May 4, 2021

Summary: The leading global snacking giant, Hershey India Pvt Ltd has bagged the prestigious Great Place to Work certification 2021 for its outstanding work towards employee engagement and people practices. The certification holds more significance since it was achieved in the midst of a pandemic where normal working life is totally disrupted.

Hershey took on a transformational journey with product innovation, technology and digital marketing as its core competencies. This recognition reinforces Hershey India as a ‘People first’ organization providing its employees with strong support to ensure their emotional well-being. Read the full article.

Communication from HR plays a Key Role in enabling the Smooth Functioning of Organizations

May 4, 2021

Summary: The harrowing times caused by COVID 19 made the organizations and HR departments to think out of box for ensuring business continuity and one such move was the new mode of working and concerns for employee well being and safety. The insurance sector saw the busiest hours during this period with more and more listed claims coming up their way.

Dola Mukherjee, Director, HR, Exide Life Insurance, mentions about strategic changes the organizations went through including employee engagement, equal participation for women employees, employee well being etc. for ensuring smooth working of the organization. Read the full article.

Reliance Industries pays Bonus to Employees, Commits Support during Pandemic

May 4, 2021

Summary: Reliance Industries made the decision of giving the employees the entire bonus for the year 2020-21 as a way to acknowledge their commitments towards the company during Covid times in the last year.

The company gives immense importance to the safety and well being of the employees and their family members and is extending its efforts to timely help those who are in need. Read the full article.

Swiggy announces 4-day Work Week for Employees in May

May 3, 2021

Summary: The renowned food delivery platform, Swiggy, announced its plan to move to a 4 day work week in May considering the ever increasing cases of COVID 19. The employees will be given a choice to choose their preferred 4 days of work and the extra days may be utilised for taking rest and care of self and family members.

The company has even put a pandemic support mechanism and a COVID task force to extend helping hands to those in need. They are supporting their employees in every hour of crisis. Read the full article.

Covid-19: Borosil takes Responsibility for Education of Children of Deceased Employees

May 3, 2021

Summary: Borosil announced to continue giving a 2 year salary to the family of the employees in case of unfortunate demise due to COVID 19. The company is also offering additional benefits in the form of covering the children’s education till graduation for the children of deceased employees.

They are even holding counselling sessions with the medical care staff and senior doctors for aiding the employees who tested positive for COVID 19. Read the full article.

One in Two People globally lost Income due to the Pandemic: Gallup

May 3, 2021

Summary: A drop in the earnings has been observed by one in two people across the world as an impact of ongoing pandemic COVID 19. The worst hit in this regard are the countries with low incomes with the highest numbers of job losses and pay cuts.

The survey was conducted by US based polling agency, Gallup by surveying 3 million people across 117 countries. The COVID has hit women workers badly in retail, food services and tourism sectors. Read the full article.

An Engaged Workforce Contributes Immensely in Rapid Recovery: Katyayani Krishna, Maersk

May 03, 2021

Summary: Katyayani Krishna, Area HR Head for IBS (India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka) Maersk, see the last year 2020 as an year that redefined the outlook towards EX and 2021 brought new hope with the first jab of COVID 19 vaccine. She emphasized on transitioning the office model of the hybrid ecosystem which is now the future of work and is going to stay for years to come.

This calls for changing certain enablers to drive employee experience in the changed work environment. She further mentioned that it is time to leverage the technology, change the landscape of employee engagement, rethink leadership in the evolving world, and, build capabilities for the future. She thinks it is important to remain flexible and focus on multi channel communication in the hybrid work culture. Read the full article.

Covid-19: Leadership’s Role in Transforming Learning Programs in Organizations

May 2, 2021

Summary: COVID 19 brought about major changes in the future of work with adoption of technology, expansion to gig economy and adoption of virtual workplace models.

Recently, Deloitte conducted a study on organizational culture and mindset due to COVID 19 and found that 77% of the organizations including the traditional ones have adopted the technical environment of today and are using it for the purpose of conduct, communication and connect. Read the full article.

5 Truths About Employee Engagement that no one wants to Hear

May 02, 2021

Summary: Each and every organization has now understood how important is employee engagement for the purpose of business success. In case the employees of a business organization are disengaged, the first step is to accept the problem and then run an engagement survey to understand the actual figures.

The employee engagement programs should be such which lead to sustained improvements by providing opportunities to the employees for skill development and recognizing their efforts towards company’s success. The whole idea should be the empowerment of the employees. Read the full article.

Continuous check-ins: A Means to Motivate Remote Workers to Reach their Goals

May 02, 2021

Summary: Shankar Krishnamoorthy, Founder & CEO, Synergita, felt that companies are forced to allow remote working for employees in the wake of the pandemic Covid 19. Over the time, isolation has negatively affected the performance of the employees. The productivity levels and employee morales are continually diminishing. This is the reason, a continuous performance management system can bear good results in such times where the work location of the employee is not of great importance.

Various features such as goal management, 360 degree feedback, continuous check-ins, team meetings, rewards and recognition, custom reports and analytics and training program and development can be added to the same. Effective communication is always the key and continuous check-ins can give opportunity to managers and the entire team to communicate to thrive the company goals. Read the full article.

Walmart announces Covid Relief Efforts in India

May 1, 2021

Summary: Walmart has also expanded its support for COVID relief to India by working for countering oxygen shortages faced in the country, supporting the vaccination drives and donations to NGOs working to provide support and relief to the communities left devasted with the second wave of COVID 19.

The company plans to donate 20 oxygen generating plants and 20 cryogenic containers for storage and transportation of oxygen. Read the full article.

Slim Pharmaceuticals recognized as a ‘Great Place to Work’

May 01, 2021

Summary: Slim Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd., was recently named as a ‘Great Place to Work’ certification in recognition of its efforts in embracing a workplace culture focused on empowerment, openness, and inclusivity. Slim Pharma engages in many employee engagement and welfare activities.

The company invests heavily in providing numerous training, team-building and personal development through an interactive online learning portal. They believe in caring for their talented and diverse set of employees. Read the full article.

Between Stress and Workload, Employees anticipate Recognition of their Hard Work

May 01, 2021

Summary: Priyanka Singh, Chief Human Resource Officer, Excitel, talks about performance evaluation with focus on continuous learning, feedback and coaching. She maintained that the principles of differentiation based on contribution is incorporated in performance evaluation, however, the immense efforts by the employees in this extraordinarily challenging year should be duly recognized.

Bajaj Electricals, supported their employees by adopting zero pay cuts and zero job cuts. The evaluation process should factor in the multiple factors including, challenged workforce and work from remote locations. Read the full article.

If you prioritize People over Profits, Magic happens: Puneet Dalmia, MD, Dalmia Bharat

May 01, 2021

Summary: Puneet Dalmia, MD, Dalmia Bharat Group, maintains that there lies a need to focus on the emotional and mental wellbeing of the people in the times of uncertainties with second wave rocking the country. Not just employees, but also, vendors, customers and dealers; steps should be taken to keep all of them safe and healthy.

They are sourcing oxygen cylinders, medical supplies and home care and nursing facilities to help to their people suffering with COVID 19. They are also working on amplifying positivity to deal with the crisis. Read the full article.

Age is just a Number!

May 01, 2021

Summary: Sonali Chatterjee, Head, People Performance and Culture, Anviti Insurance Brokers shares that there has been a great sensitization in the corporate world regarding Gen Y and Gen Z and providing a sensitive work environment to the entire workforce right from Baby Boomers to Gen X, Y and Z.

There is an enhanced focus on Gen Y, however, the companies can’t afford to underplay the needs of other age brackets. Initiatives that promote diversity and inclusiveness should be encouraged. Companies should re-define their strategies for building an employee centric work environment. Read the full article.

90% of Women Employees Hesitate to Ask for a Raise at Work: Survey

May 01, 2021

Summary: The Harappa Education conducted a survey of more than 500 respondents named, ‘What Women in Leadership Need’ which revealed that 99% of the women professionals believe in building networks and alliances,

47% pursue professional growth and learning opportunities, while 90% on the other hand feel hesitated in asking for a raise at the professional front. A whooping 87% of the respondents see a promising future in leadership in the next 3 years. With 72% considering communication as the topmost skill for carrying out the professional journey. Read the full article.

Employee Engagement App Market Is Booming Worldwide | Ramssol Feets SB, vimigo, SelfDrvn

May 01, 2021

Summary: Latest research study from JCMR titled Global Employee Engagement App Market by Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application, Forecast to 2022-2029 presents a complete assessment of the market and contains future trends, current growth factors, attentive opinions, facts, historical data, and statistically supported and industry validated market data.

This report provides an analysis for changing competitive dynamics and a forward looking perspective on different factors that either drives or restrains the market growth. Read the full article.

Boeing says it fired 65 Employees for Racist, Discriminatory Conduct

May 01, 2021

Summary: Boeing Co has fired 65 of its employees over the last year for concerns over racist, discriminatory and hateful conduct. The company has come under scrutiny over diverse workforce in the wake of justice movements being led to end racism.

Currently,69% of the Boeing staff comprises white while 31% belong to other races including Blacks. The company thrives to increase the percentage of black employees to 20%. Read the full article.

Australians can now receive Wages in Bitcoins as Crypto acceptance grows

May 01, 2021

Summary: The dramatic surge of bitcoins prompted the employees of the cryptocurrency firms to take full or part salaries in bitcoins. After the pledge by Miami city council to pay part of wages in Bitcoins, Australians can now receive a portion of their employment wages in Bitcoins through a new service from leading Australian Bitcoin payments company, Living Room of Satoshi.

Cryptocurrency comes with an ease of transfer across the borders and also an involvement of a lower transaction cost. Read the full article.

Building Equitable Workplaces for the Now and Future: IKEA India’s Parineeta Cecil Lakra

Apr 30, 2021

Summary: In an exclusive interaction, Parineeta Cecil Lakra, Country People and Culture Manager, IKEA India shares her views on impact of pandemic on the role of women in the workforce and how it has offered an opportunity to get social inequalities, diversity, and inclusion right.

The women has always been balancing the twin responsibilities of work and family and the situation worsens during pandemic. Despite the challenging circumstances, they have always emerged strong. IKEA has been following a multi dimensional approach in order to provide gender equality. Read the full article.

Corporate Houses Plan In-House Vaccination Drives

Apr 30, 2021

Summary: Corporate Houses such as Adani Group. Torrent Group, Reliance Industries Ltd, ArcelorMittal Nippon Steel India, Essar Group and Gujarat State Petroleum Corp are working out plans for organizing in house vaccination camps against the deadly Coronavirus for their staff members and their family members.

The corporates have even given their support in ramping up oxygen supply for diverting industrial oxygen for medical use. Read the full article.

WTTC adopts Resolution to Increase Women Representation in Leadership Roles

Apr 30, 2021

Summary: World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) pledges to work for women equality for boosting the female representation in the leadership roles. WTTC Cancun Women’s Declaration was also signed to support women, which recognized their contribution around the world and the importance of an equal equitable environment to enable them to thrive as leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

The committed signatories will be providing equal opportunities to women by removing all the barriers and ensuring a fair treatment and encouragement for financial, social and professional independence Read the. full article.

Employee Experience is all about creating a more Meaningful and Lasting Emotional Connection between Employee and Employer: Industry Leaders

Apr 30, 2021

Summary: Employee experience and strong relationship are considered to be the key elements for business success by the industry leaders today. The companies are committed to put the employees first and stand with them during the distressing time.

Amway India, works on cutting the employee ambiguity and anxiety that comes with remote working. PepsiCo India, has provided flexible working through systematic investment in the right technology and infrastructure. Professional growth opportunities through virtual learning programs are also provided to ensure overall development. Read the full article.