Benchmark your Employee Rewards and Recognition Program

HiFives’ proprietary Employee Reward and Recognition Program Score Calculator rates your organization’s R&R program based on various parameters on a 100-point scale. The higher the score, the higher is the likely effectiveness of your program in driving employee motivation. The calculator is based on 8+ years of research and analysis by the HiFives team in understanding what employee rewards and recognition practices work best in the industry. This study has been conducted by interacting with HR and senior leadership of 1000+ organizations across multiple industries, and geographies.

So if you are the HR or a senior leader in your organization, take a minute to go through the calculator and determine where your organization’s R&R program stands with respect to the best in the industry. The Employee Reward and Recognition Program Score is a sort of benchmark for R&R programs.  It can become an input to making modifications in your current program design and implementation to deliver better results. These inputs are industry and geography agnostic.

So, please go ahead and use the calculator!